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Labrador or Poodle? Which Is The Best Breed For You?

  Pexels. CCO Licensed. Labs and poodles are two of the most popular breeds - and it’s easy to see why. They are both loving, playful and intelligent. But which is the right choice for you? This post weighs up the characteristics of both dogs to help you decide . Appearance Labrador retrievers and poodles both have floppy ears and square pointed snouts - but that’s about where the similarities end. Labs always grow to a medium-to-large size. Because of their working background, they are often heavier dogs and have a bit more muscle. Their fur comes in a range of colors - the most common being black, chocolate and yellow - and it is always short and straight. Their coat does not need to be trimmed in most cases.  Poodles can come in a greater variety of sizes with some being quite small and others being quite tall. They tend to be slimmer than labs and have longer ears. Their coat comes in an even greater array of colors, however it is thicker and curlier than a lab’s. Trimming their co