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Being a Parent with Debt: Steps to Take to Move Forward

Dealing with unsurmountable debt as a parent can feel like you have taken on another child’s worth of responsibility that you don’t want. Debt can certainly grow, but it will never be rewarding like parenthood is. Avoiding your debt or even just drowning in it won’t help you, either. You need to deal with your debts head on so that you and your entire family can finally move forward. It doesn’t matter if you cannot afford to give your child piano lessons. It doesn’t matter if some things have to change. If you don’t make these changes, worse is yet to come. That is why you need to take these steps so that you can finally move forward away from your debt for the betterment of your whole family: Settle Your Debt Repayments are a normal part of adulthood. From student loans to mortgage repayments, debt is part of our everyday lives. What isn’t, however, is missing repayments to the point where your debt has become a huge monster that is threatening to ruin your life. Running will only ma

Baseball game

I took the kids to a ball game a few nights ago.   It was on our summer bucket list and I was blessed with three free tickets.  Yay.  We all know that, “there’s no crying in baseball!”   Well,that all changed when they shared a very touching story of a little boy who was hit by a semi.  He had a long road of recovery and he was able to run the bases.  It hit me in all the feels category.  What a strong little boy.  Pretty sure my kids were thinking I was crazy as I kept wiping my eyes.  I just can’t imagine the struggle that familybwrnt through and now praise God a great testimony of overcoming it all.  God is so good.  

Bowling fun!

Sunday funday after church!   We went bowling with a few families from church.  We had a wonderful time. I think we might have to do it again soon.  It would be a fun place to watch some Packer football with the family while bowling.  Woot.  

My church

My church, We have been pastoring for five years in a small town and small church.  However a new wave of excitement is hitting us.  A new expectation and experience for people.  God’s love is all around and we are so blessed to have him use us in our small town.  

Storm clouds

I personally did not take these pictures but friends of mine did.   Last week we had some big bad storms rolling through but thankfully these storms did not do any damage.  The sirens went off several times and there was warnings of bad wind and hail.  We didn’t experience any bad results from this storm.  We are very thankful for that!  

Purina One Smart Blend Review- Post 1

Guys, I promise my dog doesn't look this depressed all the time.   She is totally pouting every time I try to take her picture.  It's as if I am torturing her by making her get pictures.   Even in this picture she looks angry! Seriously though as soon as she saw the box she was sniffing it and her tail was wagging and she knew it was something good for her.    We just opened this big ole bag and started to mix it with her current food.   I only put in about 1/4 cup mixed with 3/4 cup of her normal food. I will increase to 1/2 and 1/2 next week.  So far she is enjoying it!   She eats it with the other food!   Once we add more I will give you an update on what we think!    Thanks, for sending Kiah this huge bag of food for us to review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.  

The PencilGrip- Kwik Stix Review

MESS FREE PAINTING!!!! A lot of you know that I teach special ed as well as children's church on Sundays.   I for years avoid paint at all costs because... yep the mess!   It was unavoidable with kids... even watercolors seemed to make a big wet mess!   A huge thank you to The Pencil Grip for sending me a set of the Kwik Stix to review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.    About Kwik Stix: Tired of the endless mess of painting? Fear not! Kwik Stix Tempera Paint sticks to take the mess out of painting while keeping all the fun! Simply uncap, twist and paint! Kwik Stix have a fast-drying formula that allows them to dry in 90 seconds while still leaving a paint-like finish! No cups, smocks, water or brushes required. Kwik Stix comes in assorted vibrant colors with coverage that won't crack. Great on poster paper, cardboard, wood, and canvas . Our Review: I feel as if we haven't done as much crafting late