New toy that teaches girls to breast feed their doll... what do you think?

My daughter showing her excitement with bring her brother home.


We are home

Who's breasts are these... and some other breast feeding questions.

One more night at the Hospital.

Mommy Question...

Results are in for baby guessing game!

Welcome Titus Emery-Lee

Thankful Thursday's

Would you ever be a surrogate?

9 year old saves her 6 year old sisters life! Touching story

Worship Wednesday

Wednesday Hodgepodge and other blog hops

Meet my friend and new blogger!

New recommendation on car seats.

HOO are you?

This does not look like spring...

Tuesday Blog hopping

Walgreens adventure 3/21

Another GREAT birth story! Come READ!!

39 Week Pregnancy UPDATE

Update on pregnancy...

Birthing positions

Pelvic pressure?? Pregnancy ??'s

While I was showering she did...

5 Questions Friday

Simple joy in life... new toothbrush! CUTE!!

Really loving my Purex Crystals

Worship Wednesday... a little late!

Thankful Thursday's

Labor starting on a full moon???

LaToya's 2nd birthing home!

Snowman fun... already melting!

My daughter has her picture in this magazine! :)

Hair Crimper

Girl Scout cookies!!!

38 Week Pregnancy update

Fun Sunday

Stylish Blogger Awarded to me! :)