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New toy that teaches girls to breast feed their doll... what do you think?

So I was watching the news and this story came on that caught my attention: "Breastfeeding Baby Doll: Does New Toy Cross the Line?" I think for little girls they are going to mock what they see.  I just had a baby a week ago and my 3.5 year old daughter has even lifted her shirt thinking she needed to help her brother eat.  So I understand the child who see's mom feeding a younger brother or sister is going to be curious so why not teach them young??  But does it cross the line?  I don't think it is making our girls grow up faster.  DO YOU?  I mean I would hate to take away any  innocence from my daughter and I grew up with out a doll that did it all: eat, pee, poop, breastfeed, etc etc.  Will this doll help a girl learn how to nurture?  I don't really agree with this either.  I believe that God has it already in us and we don't need a toy to teach it.  I do think the child will learn some of it by what they see mom or dad doing at home.  So I guess I am

My daughter showing her excitement with bring her brother home.

Finally posting some pictures:


I am very glad I am breastfeeding but my breasts hurt so bad!!!  :* (   I feel like I keep making way to much milk.  I have had to pump a little just so my little man can latch on correctly.  I have been engorged a lot and I bet if I got them measured I would be at least a D if not DD!!  Which is huge for me. I have been using the gel soothies which gives a bit relief and I use the lanolin cream also to help prevent cracking.   I think my body is trying to figure out how much milk it needs to produce right now but ouchie... i need the pain to leave soon! Any advice momma's?

We are home

We are home from the hospital.  It was nice to come home, but it is hard to try to relax and not over do it when at home. First diaper change at home and Titus peed right in his own face.  LOL The whole family napped at the same time!  YIPPEE!!! We had a meal brought over to us... I LOVE MY CHURCH FAMILY!  :)  They are taking good care of us. Over all it was a good day and I am going to head to bed!  :)

Who's breasts are these... and some other breast feeding questions.

If there is one thing I forgot about after giving birth to my daughter is the pain and the feeling of milk coming in to breast feed.  Today my milk came in and I have so much I had to pump before feeding baby because otherwise my breasts were too big for him to latch onto.  So I have fed Titus 10 times already today but I also have pumped 5ounces!  WOW... talk about a lot of milk!!!   It is painful but thankfully I am already on pain killers from surgery. I also had a friend buy me soothies (gel pads) and I have had some relief from them.  I did get a couple tiny cracks on the nipples from poor latch ons, but I have been using the Medela tender lanolin care cream and also using my own breast milk to help heal them. Have any of you mom's ever had your nipples bleed?  What did you do to eliminate pain from breast feeding? My nurse tonight told me to use tea bags for relief to.  So I think tomorrow when I get home I will try this new remedy!  :)

One more night at the Hospital.

We have one more night at the hospital tonight.  Then in the morning baby boy will get his circumcision and we will go home. It was strange celebrating my birthday at the Hospital but they made me cake and we did our celebration meal which was amazing:  So all in all my birthday was special.  I had my baby blessing to hold, my older daughter came and visited, and my hubby loved on me all day!

Mommy Question...

So if you read my post about labor then you know I had a c section which was not what I wanted.  I am looking for any advice for recovery! THANKS!

Results are in for baby guessing game!

Click the banner to see your results!  :)  Top 5: The baby guessing game results are in: First place: Michelle Second Place:Ole Matson Third Place: Meg Loop Fourth Place: Tina Rea Fifth Place: Dawn Holycross Remember it calculated a winner by date, weight, height.  :) 

Welcome Titus Emery-Lee

As most of you know yesterday morning we started off on our adventure to the hospital to be induced at 7am.    Things were looking very good in the morning.  I was feeling great and walking around.  Here are a couple pictures of the morning: Right away I was in my hospital gown laying on my side with the induction med in me.  :)  At about 9:30 my water broke and things were moving along.  At 10am I was 4cm dilated but at noon I was still a 4.  At 1:00 they started me on the pitocin and I got and epidural.  We thought things were going nicely cause I went from a 4 to 8 in just a little over 2 hours.  Sadly after I hit 8 I never progressed to a 10.  As they checked me they noticed my cervix had a little lip left and then it got swollen and baby's head was a little crooked so he was not dropping down the cervix like he was expected too.  As the time when on and little change, baby's heart rate started to drop at each contraction.  My doctor came in at 7pm and said she would gi

Thankful Thursday's

I have anxiously been waiting for Thursday this week!  Here is what I am thankful for this week: 1. 7am 3/24 I WILL BE INDUCED!  Going to meet my little blessing and I am so excited and ready. 2. Made welcome home signs for baby with my daughter!  It was fun and she is so excited.  3. I feel so much support from all my family and friends. 4. HEALTH!  I know God's hand is upon our lives and I know he will get me through the labor. 5. Thankful I did not go into labor last night when we had a blizzard!  That would have been a bit scary and frightening trying to reach the hospital!  Look for pics and an announcement of our baby boy!  :)

Would you ever be a surrogate?

I was watching an episode of "One Born every Minute" on TLC and there was a surrogate mother.  It was amazing to see her attitude through it all and the parents too.   In some countries it is illegal to do this, but in the USA there are women who will have a baby for you and get a huge paycheck.  I was shocked when I googled surrogate mother and the first two things that popped up showed how much money you could make:   " Earn $27,500-$45,000!"  WOW!!  THAT IS LIKE A NICE FULL TIME JOB!  I WONDER IF IT IS TAX FREE?  I am on the fence on this.  I am unsure if I think couples who are desperate to have kids should go the route of surrogate, when adoption is such a beautiful gift to a child.  In the episode I watched the eggs were from a donor (not the surrogate and not the mother) but the sperm was from dad so it was his baby.  They really really wanted to have a baby with some of their DNA.  I am unsure if I would be able to carry a baby inside of me knowing I woul

Worship Wednesday

This song is for my daughter!  I love the actions for the kiddos to do!  :)  FUN song to get you moving... especially if you are in the snow storm we are in.  Get up and get dancing!  :) 

Wednesday Hodgepodge and other blog hops

1. Sunday was the first day of spring. So they say. Ahem What is your favorite outdoor springtime activity? I love getting outside and walking to the parks! 2. Who would you want to come into your kitchen to cook dinner for you? Well, it would be neat to have Rachael Rae, but my hubby is a great cook to so he treats us often!  3. When was the last time you flew a kite? um... I dont know the exact date but it has been a long time.  I think a few years ago I did it with my nephews.  4. What topic puts you to sleep faster than anything? Most conversations on politics. 5. What flowers do you associate with specific people, places, or events? Well, pink roses remind me of my mommy.  I miss her!   6. What significant historical events took place during your elementary school years? I was a senior in HS when 9/11 happened.  I remember being in my weight lifting class and we had the radio so we knew before anyone else knew.  It was heart breaking.   I also remember Hurricane Andrew!  

Meet my friend and new blogger! Click the link and meet my friend Jennie.  She will have lots of fun posts on parenting, autism, allergies, and much much more!  :) Friend her she just started today!  :)

New recommendation on car seats.

If you have not taken the time to read the new recommendations on car seats click here !   I have to crack a joke here!   They now recommend kids to stay in booster seats till they are 4′ 9″ tall... I almost didn't make it! That was a close call... or I might not be able to drive any more and have to sit in the back in a booster seat! LOL

HOO are you?

Here are this week's questions! 1. Have you ever had a professional massage before?        YES, last month I had a maternity massage!  :)  It was fantastic!  2. When drinking bottled water do you have a preference on which brand you drink?        NOPE 3. What is your favorite kind of soup?      Zuppa Toscana!  :)  4. Do you have a preference on which Kleenex brand you use?     Puff's  5. What is your favorite breakfast food?     Cereal and banana 

This does not look like spring...

So I just took this picture from my window.  It is hard to see but big snow flakes are falling.  We are expecting around 6 inches today. :(  One day I will look back at this and I will be laughing cause it will be 80 degrees and we will be putting sun lotion on and enjoying the water and sun!!!  

Tuesday Blog hopping

Join me in some blog hopping on this snowy Tuesday!  Boo to Snow... Yay for blog hops! Make sure to leave a comment if you are new here!  :)

Walgreens adventure 3/21

Walgreens trip today was a good one: Total spent 28.75 Total saved 55.07 What was purchased: 3 Kraft Mac N Cheese (my daughters current favorite) 2 Jello Puddings (a snack I have not had in forever) 2 packs of AA batteries (stocking up to make sure I have enough when baby comes) 2 packs of Easter M&M's (going to make some Easter treats) Woolite (Have not used it but it was on sale and I had a $3 coupon so it was like 2 dollars!) Method hand soap (on sale with Register Rewards) Plackers/dental floss things (cause Nana Bethann gave us a lecture about needing to floss our teeth and came with Register Rewards) 2 pack of spray on Sunscreen (summer is coming and it was in the clearance area... both for $6 bucks) Pads(cause you need them after giving birth and I had a coupon and got Register Rewards back) 3 packs of Huggies wipes.  (on sale for 5.99 but was able to use 2.00 off coupons fore each pack!  :) 

Another GREAT birth story! Come READ!!

I am excited to have a guest post from: Make sure you check her blog out!  I LOVE HER BLOG!   My birth story could probably take about two hours for me to tell, because I like to give every last detail. I'll do my best not to take that long! :) My first daughter Constance Elizabeth was born when I was 39 weeks pregnant. My husband Joshua had been scheduled for mandatory overtime, which meant he had to go in at 3 in the morning that day. I had my first contraction a little bit after he left for work, but I just told myself it was braxton hicks. My doctor had stripped my membranes the day before, so while I knew labor was a possibility, I guess I just didn't really think it would work for me. I began to drift off to sleep that morning as I felt another contraction, but I still told myself that it was no big deal. Five minutes later I had another one. They began to feel worse and worse as the end of the five minutes would arrive and I'd find myself trying to keep myself

39 Week Pregnancy UPDATE

HI everyone, Still have baby boy in my tummy!  I had my appointment this morning and was a bit bummed that there were no changes.  I am still dilated to 2 and 50% effaced.  My doctor was very encouraging and said things looked all ready to go. Keep us in your prayers!  :)  

Update on pregnancy...

Well the full moon does not seem to be helping me out in getting labor started.  :( I am really anxious to meet this little guy!  Still TRUSTING GOD on his timing! So instead on my Saturday night I am watching "One born every Minute."  I am on my 3rd episode of the day!  LOL Have you watched that show?  Its on Lifetime and it is making me cry... I just get so excited thinking that will be me holding my baby boy soon!

Birthing positions

With my daughter I was in the most common position of laying on my back and a nurse and my hubby helping hold my legs back.  I was just hearing and reading about how more and more women are giving birth in a variety of positions.  I even know a lady who gave birth standing up since her back labor was so painful she could not get comfortable.  Another lady I know told me that she was on her side and it was really helpful in decreasing her pain. Here is a great article that list the advantages and disadvantages to each position.   CLICK HERE I am just going to go with the flow and do what ever feels most comfortable for me. What way did you give birth?

Pelvic pressure?? Pregnancy ??'s

Is this a sign I am starting labor?  I have a lot of pelvic and hip pressure and pain.  My lower back hurts some too.  Or is it just baby dropping lower?  It is making it difficult to walk. Any advice?

While I was showering she did...

So I went to take my shower this morning and I asked my lil girl to clean up some of her mess.  I was not really expecting her to clean but oh well.  So I finish up and call her to come get in the tub next and she rushes in and has a swimsuit and skirt on.  Before daddy left for work she told him "I want to go to the beach."  "I want to go to the waterpark."  We explained it is still too cold.  So she decided while I was showering that if she got her swimsuit on she could take a bath in her swimsuit.  LOL ... she makes me laugh!   So here she is all ready and anxiously waiting for summer! 

5 Questions Friday

1. Have you ever testified in court? For what?     I have been subpoenaed, but then they called and cancelled my appearance.  2. Do you still have your wedding dress?     It is at my dad's. 3. Is there a special place you like to go when you're happy, sad, stressed, etc.?     hmmm... the bathtub 4. If you have kids, do they sleep with you? If you don't have kids...will you let your kids sleep with you when/if you have them?     I will let my daughter come cuddle in bed with me when she wakes up in the morning but not sleep the whole night with us.  5.  Do you watch late night TV?     nope

Simple joy in life... new toothbrush! CUTE!!

My daughter made me giggle tonight.  The last few weeks she has been asking to have a toothbrush with a button.  (a vibrating one like mom and dad). I told her we could look at Walgreens once I had a coupon.  Well I today we went to Walgreens with a $3 off coupon for a toothbrush.  She picked out an Ariel vibrating toothbrush.   So tonight as we were getting ready for bed she asked if she could use her new toothbrush.  She brushed them and did a very good job minus the fact that the toothpaste spit/druel was running down her chin.  After she was finished she started skipping to her bed room saying "that was so cool!" "I love my new toothbrush with the button."   She is adorable and I love seeing her get excited over the small little things in life.  :)  

Really loving my Purex Crystals

I washed my bedding a week ago and it still smells so good!!!  :)  I am loving these Purex Crystals!  :)  If you  have not tried the Purex Crystals you should!   The purple is my favorite scent!  :) 

Worship Wednesday... a little late!

Sorry I never got this up yesterday.  Gma is in town so I was not on the computer as much. This weeks song is Say-So by Israel and New Breed!  Gotta get on your feet and get jumping and worship the one true king! I think I am going to get on my feet and do a lil prego jump...lets get this labor started!  LOL Do you have a dancing/jumping worship song that you love?  I would love to hear it.  :)

Thankful Thursday's

This week I am Praising GOD for: 1. Continued Trust in HIM on delivery of baby boy. 2. My mother in law visiting and keeping my daughter busy and cooking and cleaning!!!!! 3. My husband being more helpful. 4. The WARM weather!  YAY Spring! 5. Girl Scout cookies!  :) 

Labor starting on a full moon???

So anyone have any opinions on labor starting during full moon cycles? My water broke with my daughter and she was born a day before a full moon when i was 36 weeks. We have a full moon on the 19th... maybe baby boy will arrive soon?? There are not full blown studies showing any of this but hospitals do staff more on the maternity ward during full moons.  Some suggest that many women experience more braxton hicks making them think they are in labor and they go to the hospital only to come back home. I have tried finding some more articles but cant find any scientific proof.  I have seen several polls and many women believe full moons have helped them go into labor. So did you have your baby during a full moon?  Any other thoughts?  Myth or fact?

LaToya's 2nd birthing home!

I had a lot of you read LaToya's first birth story about giving birth to her son in her car.  (Most views of all my posts!!!)  Now read her story about giving birth at home!  What a beautiful story!  :)   With my second baby (that was the result of a brief reconciliation with my husband) I knew from the  beginning that I would not leave my home in labor. I found a local midwife and she was the perfect fit  for what I was looking for. We instantly clicked. She was able to help me manage the severe sickness  that hit me like a ton of bricks. She worked well with my GYN as we treated the HPV that resurfaced  again. I had the pregnancy that I wanted (with the exception of a supportive partner). I was left alone  to grow a healthy baby. I had one test for HIV as mandated by law and that was it. I didn’t even have an  official pregnancy test. I had to sign a lot of waivers for this to happen but at least this time for me I was  aware that it was an option. My appointments were at m

Snowman fun... already melting!

We finally got outside to build that snowman using the free snowman kit I got in the mail.  My hubby, his mom, and my daughter had a lot of fun yesterday playing out in the beautiful sunshine!  Today the snowman was melting melting melting.  We might have rain this week so snow might be gone soon.  Glad we were able to get out there and have the right packing snow to do the job!  :)  Need to taste the snow?  Rounding out the body of the snowman. Putting the hat on the snowman.   YAY!  Look at that nice snowman.  :) 

My daughter has her picture in this magazine! :)

I entered my little girl in a photo contest and she was a runner up in the category Kitchen Chaos.  If you get thriving family magazine skip to the back page and she is in the purple dress and blue apron.  I am a proud mama!  :) 

Hair Crimper

So my daughter was given a hair crimper from one of our youth at church.  She was so excited because every now an again the girls will show up with their hair crimped and she loves it.  She did a good job of sitting and waiting!  :) Today we crimped her hair and here are a couple photos! Have you crimped your or your child's hair?  

Girl Scout cookies!!!

My mother inlaw is visiting and she brought me Think Mints!  :)  OH yummy minty chocolatey goodness!  THEY ARE SO YUMMY I CANT RESIST! What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

38 Week Pregnancy update

I am ready to have baby boy!  I had my 38 week appointment this morning and things are looking good.  I am dilated to 2 and 50% effaced.  We set an induction date of 3/24 if I have not had him yet.  :) I am really hoping that he comes this week as Nana is in town visiting and Papa has the week off of work. We did a quick little photo shoot right after church yesterday.  :)  Here are a few of the pictures. I look at this and I am shocked at how huge I looked.   She is such and excited big sister! Happy family! She wants to cuddle with her brother!

Fun Sunday

Today was a good day: -church went well -we took some family pics after church (pics to be posted soon) -took a long 2 hour long nap -went to the mall and walked around and let the kids play -had friends over for dinner -played Life the game of Twists and Turns :) I love fun days!  We also put out the lady bug tent for the kids to play and watch a movie in. Tomorrow I have my 38 week appointment!  :)

Stylish Blogger Awarded to me! :)

I was just awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from The Imperfect Photo Addict !  THANKS SO MUCH!!  Go check her blog out! This is my second award and I feel blessed for the award.  It is very encouraging to get an award.   So with the award I have to list a few things about me and then pick a couple blogs who I think should be awarded.   Facts about me: - My daughter was born 4 weeks early but her orginal due date would have marked the 5 year anniversary of my mom's passing.  My son I am expecting any day is due on my mom's birthday.  She would be 55 years old if she was still here.   -We own a house but we are renting it out and we are renting our selves.  Kinda strange but it works since we had to move. -My daughter who is 3 asks to watch the Biggest Loser with me almost every day.  LOL -I want to get a new vehicle that will fit the kids better. -Not going to lie... the gas prices are a bit frightening. -I love to worship GOD! -My best feature according to me is my