We are home

We are home from the hospital.  It was nice to come home, but it is hard to try to relax and not over do it when at home.

First diaper change at home and Titus peed right in his own face.  LOL

The whole family napped at the same time!  YIPPEE!!!

We had a meal brought over to us... I LOVE MY CHURCH FAMILY!  :)  They are taking good care of us.

Over all it was a good day and I am going to head to bed!  :)


Congratulations on your newest bundle of joy! May you enjoy every minute of this very special time in your life. Diapers, nappy time and all!
I'm happy you are finally home! Congrats on the newest one.. him peeing in his face is the first of many funny, good, and messy times you're in store for w/ a lil boy! I'm sorry labor didn't go as planned.... mine didn't either. All the books and preparing went down the toilet when they thought there were problems {turned out there were not} and I started pitocin then i'm stuck w/ a doctor i've never seen before :( but you survived and baby is ok so can't ask for much more.

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