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Bed Time Bible Story

Every night part of my daughter's bedtime routine is reading a Bible story.  I really liked her story tonight about John the Baptist. The best part is this:   "and he was so happy he sang a song:  Because God loves us with a never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love- Heaven is breaking through! He is sending us a Light from Heaven to shine on us like the sun.  To shine on those who live in darkness And in the shadow of death to guide our feet into the way of peace."    I LOVED IT!!  :)  Remember GOD LOVES you and there is nothing you can do about it!  :)  

Dear Summer,

Dear Summer, Today is August 31st and school starts tomorrow so you are ending soon.  I have a favor to ask of you, can you please tell Fall to hold off a little longer so you can stay longer instead??  I have already started to see leaves turning colors and I am just not ready for that yet. Fall can come at the end of October and November, because I do love pumpkins and all.  Also, if you could tell winter that it needs to be shorter this year.  Can we request snow on December 24th and 25th and only a couple more snow storms after that? You could also tell spring that it can arrive as early as possible next year.  :)   Thanks I am a big fan of your nice hot and long days.  I would greatly appreciate you sticking around for as long as possible. Sincerly, April Anyone else on the same page as me today??  Time flew too fast!

Worship Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday

I Love you Selah!  I love you Titus!  

Same and different

We had a few minutes while we were waiting to go so I pulled out the flash cards that we bought from Target in the dollar section.  :)  One thing that is an important skill for kids to use is pointing out what things are the same and what things are different.   What are some of your activities that you do for a quick time filler?  

$25 for 5 Education DVD's- BABY GENIUS (Groupon)

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Coming up on Praises of a Wife and Mommy! :)

I know the last few days I have not had many posts but I am here and I am great.  Life is just busy as usual but that is good. Currently I am reading the book "Culture of Honor" by Danny Silk who is out of Bethel Church in California.  Our church is moving in this direction and I am so excited!!!  More then excited!!!  There is a lot of learning that I am getting from this book.  :)  So if you are part of leadership at your church I would strongly suggest picking up this book-lots of great great information.  I am only on page 90 something so I still have about 100 pages to go but I have gotten a lot of information from this book.  Our church staff and council are going to be discussing this book in detail later in September.  We will be having an over night hotel adventure and I am looking forward to discussing the book but also a night away from town.  Lil man will be coming with us but Selah will be having a friend over and a baby sitter and she is looking forward to t

Follow me Monday and other hops

********** Question of the Week ********** Question of the Week:    Were you and your family affected by Hurricane Irene in any way ?     My answer:      My father in-law is in Long Island NY but he said he should be just fine as he is on higher ground.  We were not able to talk to him yesterday but I am trusting he is just fine! 

Happy Birthday to my Man!

I love you Anthony!   Happy Birthday!!!   I am so thankful for an amazing husband who is faithful, loving, genuine, joyful, and a amazing and caring father.  We love you so much!  Thank you for being who God has created you to be!                                                                                                                                                      PRAYING YOU HAVE A BLESSED YEAR AHEAD!!!!  

I want candy... Cotton Candy (craft/card)

 I am a huge fan of cotton candy.  I know I'm an adult but I get excited just like a lil kid in a candy store when I know we are going to a fair because there will be cotton candy there.  I always have to talk my hubby into letting me get some.  :)   Well we did not actually have real cotton candy so I told my daughter we could make "pretend cotton candy."  She was confused but then realized we could make a craft and had a fun time creating this project. The project was very simple but yet fun.  All you need is toilet paper tube, cotton balls, glue, h20 food coloring mixture in a spray bottle.    Stretching and gluing on the cotton balls... it looks so much like cotton candy.  Had to reinforce that we could not eat this because we were just pretending.   There her tongue is out again.  Here we are adding our color to the cotton to make it look like tasty cotton candy.   Yummy... really wish I had the real stuff!    We made 2 cards to give out.  I forgot to ta

Juppy Baby Walker Review and Giveaway

                               The first baby walker that fits in your purse!!!  That phrase caught my attention right away since I had no idea how that could be possible.  After I received  The Juppy Baby Walker in the mail I opened the package immediately and it all made sense and it made me excited! Now my little man is 5 months old so he is not quite at the walking age but he is always wanting to stand and already shows readiness skills.  I still put him in The Juppy and he seemed to enjoy it and actually took a couple steps toward his daddy.  I know for sure that this product will get some great use in a few more months when my little man is older and closer to walking.  :)  I love the fact that there will be no sore backs from leaning over!!!  AWESOME! I also thought back to my days as a Cognitive Disability teacher and thought this would be a perfect addition to many special education classrooms .  If you are a parent to a special needs  child then this is the product y


Have I told you that I am a huge Packer fan's yet???  WELL WE ARE!!!  :)   GO PACK GO!!!!  READY FOR A REPEAT SEASON!  :)   Anyone want to bless me with free tickets??  :) :) :)  Here are some quick Packer facts for you: 1. The G does not stand for Green Bay it stands for Greatness!   2. The Packer's are owned by stockholders...No worries they will never be moved!  :)  3. Packers were founded in 1919 and joined the NFL in 1921.  4. The Packers touchdown celebration jump is called "Lambeau Leap." 5. I went to a Packer/Viking game with my dad and Packer's won!  IT WAS AWESOME!   For more Packer facts GO HERE

Farmer's Market turns super fun today! :)

We picked a great day to head down to the farmers market.  There was a free show and they had the Chicago Boys Acrobatic team and they were really fun and awesome!!!  :)  They did crazy flips, jumps, and some neat things with jump ropes.  They were really awesome at getting the crowd going and overall put on a great show.  I love when our city offers free things like this that are family friendly.  I spoiled my daughter while we were down there too.  We shared some frozen ice, egg rolls, and then even went and had ice cream at one of the little shops.  :)  It was a beautiful sunshiney day and I truly enjoyed spending it with my kids.  My hubby was even able to surprise us for a few minutes while he was eating his lunch.  :) Here are a few photos that I got off my phone (not the best).  I also included a youtube video of the Chicago boyz.  :) Crazy jump roping...he had some skills! Yes, this guy just flipped over the 6 men!  WOW!  Ice cream time!


Can I get a WHOOO HOOOO?!?     I am at 600 Followers and I am so excited... I can almost taste 1000!  :)  Don't forget to enter my new giveaway CLICK HERE!   I also have another one going up really soon!  :) Keep an eye out for that one.  :) 

Thankful Thursday's

It is that time again!  This week is going so fast as well as summer!   Here is my top five things I am praising GOD for or about this week.   1. Weddings!!!  My brother got married and it was an enjoyable time.   2. Zoo's we went to 2 different zoo's while visiting family and we had a ton of fun. 3. My car, some days I wish I had a different vehicle but I am more happy and thankful to have transportation.  :)  4. We found a great deal on a jumper for lil man!  :)  YAY!  He loves it already too! 5. Safe travels!  It is always a blessing to get to and from visiting my dad without any trouble!  :)   6.  One more because it was a blessing to spend time with family!  I love them all very much! 

Never to young to have chores!

I know I have mentioned that laundry is one chore that I seem to always fall behind on so I am starting to have my daughter help me more and more with it.  She has always been helpful with helping put things in the dryer but now she can help load the washer and dryer.  Now she can also help me separate the clothes by color or after they are clean by whom they belong too.  :)  It is more fun doing laundry with some assistance.  :)  I Corinthians 4:2 Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.

5 Month's old

Yep my little man is 5 month's old and I am emotional about him growing up.  I love all the fun stuff he is doing now but I want to keep him my baby for as long as I can. Dear Titus, It is shocking that you could be 5 months old today.  I love you more then I can express.  Last night we got you a jumper and you love it.  There are several toys on it and you love them plus a mirror on it and you stare at yourself which is so adorable.  Right now you enjoy rolling over a lot and you play peek a boo with me and I could do it all day just to hear your adorable laughs!  You still wake up a lot at night but mommy knows you will soon start to sleep better.  Your sister and you have staring contests and I think you win.  Selah sure loves you a lot and holds you every day.  You and her are going to have a great brother sister relationship.  :) Love you Goose, Mommy

Dino Dig!

Sensory Time!  I still have tons of beans so why not put them in a big bowl and hide some things for my daughter to find!   We found little Dinosaurs in the dollar section at Target.  :)  Separating into color groups. 

I have the itch to go house hunting!

Well I do have a house but not in the town we live in.  LOL!  We have renters in our old house and are not selling due to the value dropping so much the last couple years. Last year we found a house we liked and went to the credit union to get our credit score  and to see if we would qualify but unfortunately we were not approved.   The house we found was a foreclosure but now I have been seeing more and more houses for sale or foreclosed and I think we could have a cheaper mortgage and utilities with purchasing then living in our apartment.  We have a friend who is a Realtor and I get his daily emails of the properties that are on the market.  I have been seeing several houses that make me want to go take a look since the price tag is under $50,000!!  :)  WOW!!!  I know with the interests as low as they are it would be so nice to find a good property and lock in a rate for under 5%!  :) So should we go ahead and do a free credit score to see if we improved since last year?  I kno

"Something Inside of Me" Review and Giveaway

I had the opportunity to receive a free copy and a copy to giveaway of the book "Something Inside of Me" "How to hang on to Heaven when you're going through Hell" by Chitoka Webb.  So read my review and then enter for your chance to win a copy of the book using the easy rafflecopter form on the bottom.   My Thoughts: I was very excited to read this book as I felt this was going to be an inspiring story from a Christian women.  The story is not long and is a very easy and quick read but also very well written.  So if you don't have much time then this would be a great story to read.  I read this a few times before bed and while breastfeeding my little boy.   I was amazed at the drive that Chitoka (Toke) had throughout the entire story.  With a background growing up in the housing projects of Nashville by a single mother most people would use that as a pity story and not work hard but not Chitoka.  She was the opposite she had drive and determination

Worship Wednesday

My Soul Longs for you- Jesus Culture

Biggest petting and feeding zoo! :) FUN DAY!

The kids and I along with my sister and dad went to a huge petting zoo on Sunday.  We had a really enjoyable afternoon seeing many awesome animals.   How many of you have pet a deer?  We saw so many deer here!!!   A nice chair made out of a tree stump.   HUGE MOOSE!   Geese and ducks were everywhere!  That is my fun dad!  I LOVE HIM!  Smiley Selah err... Farmer Selah!  Baa baa... becareful the goats were ready to steal the whole bag of food.   Cute baby goat!!   Even Titus thought it was fun!  Me and my love bugs. :)  Papa and Selah on a pony ride.   Check out some fun zoo books: