Never to young to have chores!

I know I have mentioned that laundry is one chore that I seem to always fall behind on so I am starting to have my daughter help me more and more with it.  She has always been helpful with helping put things in the dryer but now she can help load the washer and dryer.  Now she can also help me separate the clothes by color or after they are clean by whom they belong too.  :)  It is more fun doing laundry with some assistance.  :) 

I Corinthians 4:2
Now it is required that those who have
been given a trust must prove faithful.


Michelle Brown said…
My kids used to love doing the laundry with me. They would beg to help they are begging to get out of it.

Laundry is a build-up chore in my house too. Right now Mt. Saint Laundry is staring at me, daring me to conquer it. My goal this year was to be more disciplined with the housework, but I'm off to a rocky start.

Following from the blog hop!
I have no a big laundry fan my self. Can't what until my daughter is older to help me!
Amy said…
Little Bit is 19 months old and he helps me put some of his toys away. I think we have been practicing this since around his first birthday. Never to young to start learning to be helpful!
MMAR said…
My little monkey helps me with thw laundry too!! Thanks for linking up with TCF today : )
:) Glad your little ones are helping and glad I'm not the only one struggling with keeping up with the dreaded laundry pile.