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You want me to put frozen vegetables where????

Starting week 32 and I am getting so close and extremely anxious!   I had a doctor appointment today and I was explaining the pelvic pressure and pain in my hips that I have been feeling along with braxton hicks (all 3 I never experienced with my daughter.)  I think it hurts the most after I get up from sitting for a long period of time, and doing some stretches seem to really alleviate the pain. Doctor replied and said take some "frozen veggies out and put them 'down' there."  LOL, really ice will help with that pressure pain??  LOL!!!  Just created a funny image in my own head!  LOL  Hope it gives you a good chuckle this evening.  She also mentioned that she could not tell if baby was head down yet so she thinks the pressure and pain might increase once baby boy drops!  I am not going to dwell on it... I AM CARRYING A MIRACLE that GOD has been knitting inside of me!  I feel privileged that he has chosen me to raise my daughter and this little baby boy!

Monday's praise report!

This weeks Praise Report from Praises of a wife and mommy.  :) 1.  I am praising God because my doctor appointment went well! today  Starting week 32 and feeling very excited. 2. My hubby and I were in and out of the DMV in about 10 minutes today.  Is that a record?? The last time I was at the DMV it took hours!!! 3. An organized house!  It feels good to get rid of junk and reorganize and feel ready fro the baby. 4. I tried a new pizza pie recipe and it was yummy!  :) 5. MY HUBBY for all the things he does for me, including my blog design! :) More to come next week!  What are 5 praises you have had this week?

Droid baby and toddler apps!

Do you have a Droid or Iphone?   I have a Droid and I love all the applications that are available.  I have a princess coloring app and Mickey Mouse coloring app and they have saved me several times to keep my daughter occupied when she was getting bored.  I have also used animal sounds and whack a mole, fun games that she can play.  These are perfect if I need just a few minutes of her sitting nice and quietly.  :)  There are tons and tons of apps and I know I have barely scratched the surface of what is out there. I also am using the app 50000 Baby Names to help us search out the perfect name for our baby.  It allows me to bookmark my favorite names and hear the meaning of what each name means.  IT IS GREAT!! I also found a Baby Care app that will allow me to track diaper changes, sleep, and feedings!  I am excited to try this app once baby boy is here!  :)  There is also a white noise maker app that could be helpful with a cranky baby! I enjoy my bible app, Walgreens app, c

Monday Blog Hop

A way to meet other bloggers and its fun!  :)  If you are a new follower please leave a comment so I can return the favor.  :) Question of the Week: Are you planning on going on vacation in 2011? Are you saving up already?                        Yes we are planning on taking a vacation in August.  Last year we went to Long Island, NY to visit my hubbys dad.  This year we have not changed plans but we will have an infant so we might take longer on our drive to and from.   A couple more hotel stays, and visiting grandma since she is a good half way point.   :) Questions: 1. What do you put on your hot dog?      Ketchup 2. Do you play Sudoku?      I have but not a fan, my hubby enjoys it. 3. What is your favorite vegetable?      Fresh carrots and peas 4. Do you color your hair?     I did all the time when I wasnt married... now its maybe once a year!  Gets to be expensive 5. What is your favorite brand of clothing?     I dont have a favorite brand, I go


Church was great today and I am feeling much better this afternoon!  :)  YAY!  We had a guest speaker preaching this morning and the next 3 evenings.  Today I think the biggest reflection on what he said is  " He died ONCE for ALL for ALL TIME"  YAY JESUS!   A double hooray I now hit the 100 follower mark!  I started this blog on January 4th... so in under 1 month I hit the 100 follower mark!  HOW EXCITING!  :)  YIPPEE On top of hitting that 100 follower mark I also have been asked to be a guest blogger and I am very excited about this opportunity!  :)  WHOO HOO  So in the future look for my post to be featured on a blog!  I will keep you posted!   Thats all for now!  Time to relax and read a bit before heading back out for more FREE-KING AWESOME GRACE at church tonight!  :)  (that is the theme with our guest speaker)  :) 

sleep deprivation

The time has come in this pregnancy where getting into a comfortable position to sleep is almost impossible.  Last night I was in some pain, and then I was hot, and then I still have this nasal junk!  With those things together it made me so frustrated!  I have been having a lot of pressure on my pelvic bone which is not fun and on top of that my hips have been very achy the last couple days. I always get up to use the bathroom and the hardest thing for me is getting in and out of bed... I am very short and my bed is a bit high off the ground.  I was just talking to my pastor's wife and telling her I don't waddle yet... pretty sure I have a good waddle now!  With my daughter I had pain in my lower back from the sciatic nerve, but with this one it is a whole different type of pain!    I serve an awesome faithful God so I am seeking him for some relief today!  I know I can ask my daughter to pray for me and she will!  :)  Feel free to say some prayers for me also! :)  On top of

Happy Birthday Miracle baby, boy, tween, teen

It is hard to believe that my nephew, Devin turned 15 this week.  He has an amazing story and I will share some of it with you!  (I wish I had my mom's poem that she wrote him) *** FOUND IT*** at bottom January 26th, 1996 my nephew was born 3.5 months early by emergency c-section.  The placenta had ripped from the uterus cutting off his oxygen supply.  His due date was not till May!!!  He was 1pound 13 ounces.  The doctors did not think he could make it the firs 24 hours.   It was a very scary thing for the whole family but my perspective at the time was different since I did not know all the facts.  I was only in 6th grade at the time.  I just knew it was not good. He made it the first 24 hours and he has not let things stop him.   He has had several surgeries and battles to overcome.  He was diagnosed shortly after being born with Cerebral Palsy.  There are several different types of it and he has the tightening kind.  His muscles are so tight that it prevents him from doin

Losing the baby weight??

With my first daughter I lost most of the weight immediately, the problem for me was heading into the holiday season and breast feeding.  During my pregnancy with her I never woke up in the middle of the night starving but when I was breast feeding I was starving.  So I lost majority of the weight then I gained some of it back.  Then I started saying "it took 9 months to put it on so if it takes that long to get off that is fine."  Also in the first 2 years of her life we moved a couple times so that never helps either. So I want to do things different after this baby comes.  I was thinking of signing up for a race but the one I wanted to do is in MAY and that would be very hard to be ready for that one.  Since baby is coming in the spring rather then fall I plan on getting out for walks as often as possible.  The next biggest thing is communicating with my husband to figure out the best time for me to hit the gym.  :) I also read an article about these girdles to wear ri

Weekend blog hops

My church ROCKS!


Guess what came in the mail today...

I think I signed up for the Jello molds last week and they arrived today!  :)  In fact I got two of them!  :)  So as you know I think GREEN and GOLD football Jello molds will be in store for us!  GO PACK GO!

A young Generation reaching...

A child shall lead them... This generation is rising up, crying out the truth of GOD!  A fire that can not be put out! Watch this video and listen to this young boy go through the books of the Bible and who God was in each book.  It is very touching and gave me goose bumps! Will you continue to pray for our children?  Pray with me that GOD will transform their hearts, keep them focused on HIS goodness and HIS truth.  Protection from what this world says!  KEEP PRAYING!!


My daughter is 3 and in the last week she has been burping constantly.  My husband mentioned last night do you think she learned how to make herself burp???  I had not thought about it but after today I am think she has learned the skill of burping.  It is a bit embarrassing to me as a mom for my daughter to just all of a sudden burp really loud. Now I have the task of reminding and teaching her more about manners as this is inappropriate!  I wonder if she learned it from someone or just figured it out on her own. I would feel terrible if she did not learn it on her own and is actually just gassy, but it seems a bit strange to burp several times in an hour.  I have asked her a few different ways if she was making herself burp or if it was just coming out.  It seems that when ever I ask a question lately her response is "because this is why."  Strange response but I don't think she knows how to answer sometimes.  So I am stuck on this one, how to punish a behavior that


Creative for Kids Giveaway- To enter click here All About Jesus Qtr. 1 Value Pack Giveaway Value: $237.95 All About Jesus Curriculum - Qtr. 1 Value Pack This Value Pack Includes: All About Jesus Curriculum - Qtr. 1 (Traditional Format) Why Jesus Became Like Us - Qtr. 1 Month 1 Poster (24 x 48 in.) What Jesus Brought Us - Qtr. 1 Month 2 Poster (24 x 48 inches) What Jesus Taught Us - Qtr. 1 Month 3 Poster (24 x 48 inches) Jesus Is Real Salvation Brochure - 10 Quanity See the Light Giveaway- To enter click here I am our Sunday School coordinator so these could be very cool to implement in our classes!  :)

Hubby Award to mine!!!

I love my hubby so much!  As you can see my blog looks different.  He took his time this evening and created my banner and template!  I love it!  I like that fact that it is simple and  not to busy!  :)  SO MY HUSBAND IS AWARDED:  BEST HUSBAND HELPER!   He realized how hard I was trying to create a banner through a new program and was struggling miserably.  He is very advanced in technology and if he doesn't know how to do something he wont sleep till he figures it out.  So what took me forever trying to do I think he did better in under an hour!  :)  SO YEP HE IS AWESOME!!! Thank you Jesus for sending me a wonderful helpmate!  He sure is there when I need him!  :)

Favorite Recipe... Friday Blog Hop

THEME this week is Favorite Recipe.  Last summer my hubby and I were going to try new recipes on Mondays which is his day off, we did it only a couple weeks but I did find my favorite recipe to make.  I think hubby and I will have to start this again.   SWEET and SOUR CHICKEN BAKE 1/4 c. butter (scant) 1. c. chopped carrots 1/2 c. chopped onion 1/2 c. coarsely chopped green pepper (sometimes i use red, yellow, or orange peppers) 3/4 c. catsup 2 tbsp. vinegar 1/4 c. firmly packed brown sugar 1 tbsp. soy sauce 1/2 tsp. garlic salt 1/2 tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. pepper 1 c. pineapple chunks, drained 1 (3 lb.) chicken breast, cut up 1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In medium skillet, heat butter until melted, add carrots, onion and green pepper. Cook 5 minutes, stirring.2. Stir in catsup, pineapple juice, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, garlic salt, salt, pepper, and ginger. Cook, stirring constantly until mixture boils. Remove from stove, add pineapple chunks. 3. Arrange chicke

31 FREE online children’s books!

Found through Budget Savvy Diva How cool! Are you going to be snagging this freebie? is offering 31 FREE online children’s books! Just click on ‘GO TO LIBRARY’ button and choose a book then click play and the story will be read aloud to your child!! 31 FREE online children’s books! Neat freebie!

2 Disney contests

1. Disney is giving away 20 Blue Ray/DVD Combo packs.   For a chance to win send and email to by Feb. 28, 2011, with your name, address, phone number, and birth date, (must be 13 years to enter) and write "Alice in Wonderland" in the subject line. One entry per household 2. Disney is also giving away 3- 7 princess doll sets (the princess sings the theme song)   For a chance to win send and email to by Feb. 28, 2011, with your name, address, phone number, and birth date, (must be 13 years to enter) and write "Singing Dolls" in the subject line.  One entry per household I really hope to win the dolls for Selah!  She is a princess fanatic and to have each of the dolls that sing... she would be so happy!  

How to care for...

As some of you readers know we are expecting a boy in March.  One thing I have not really thought much about is circumcision.   What are the rules of taking care of that sensitive area after procedure??  Were any of your boys in pain??  How long does it take to heal? I remember caring for the belly button/umbilical cord with cleaning at each diaper change with water or with alcohol, and don't give the baby a full bath until it comes off.  That is completely different then circumcision because there are no nerves in the umbilical cord so there  is no pain there, where with circumcision it can be painful. One other thing I disliked about caring for an infant was clipping nails.  We have a small clipper but this task always makes me nervous and with our daughter I think I made my husband do it.  He is very good with attention to detail and taking his time on things.  

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Thursday Blog hops

Deals at Walgreens and Pick N Save 1/26

Here is what I purchased at Walgreens this week: Again not the best week for me.  I got:  toilet paper, 4 bottles of body wash, Breath Right strips, taco shells, water, 3 boxes Hamburger Helper.  Last week I got $5 RR to spend this week.  I had a coupon for Breath Right so that was free (perfect timing because I have so much congestion right now and being pregnant I cant take much of anything and a friend said to try these), and a coupon for the water, and Hamburger Helper.  Total savings was $24.00 and I got $4 RR for next week. Pick N Save had some good sales and on Wednesday it is Double Coupon Day!!!  :)  They had the deal buy 6 boxes of General Mills cereal and save $10 but then I had a coupon so I saved another $2 making me save $12 on 6 boxes of cereal!  :)  They have done a sale like that before and cereal is my friend during this pregnancy.  Double Day coupon day is such a great deal for us and they do them Wednesday's and Saturday's. So how are your shopping de

Craving Jesus

We live in a world that needs Jesus, needs His salvation, needs to know him personally as their daddy, closest friend.  Many don't even know how hungry they are for him, they don't realize what they are missing.  Yet there are many that will claim to see "HIM" in their normal day activities.  They see an image that they think is Jesus, on their cheeto, grilled cheese sandwich, pancake, on wood, windows, and on random everyday objects.  Today I saw this on the web...    There were several objects some you had to stretch to see and image others you could see a clear "Jesus" image.  It just kept me thinking about how hungry this world is to actually know HIM. While I was looking at these it just kept reminding me that many people are searching for a tiny image of Jesus on some random thing but we need people to hunger and thirst for WHO HE really is.  He is King of Kings, Alpha Omega, Jehovah,

Wednesday blog hops


Where do you buy diapers?

Diapers, diapers, calling all diapers!  Needless to say I have started stocking up on diapers... pic below! Yep, it is quite the collection already!  :)  I have mainly Pampers and Huggies in that mix, with wipes.  I will only buy diapers when I can get an amazing deal!  I had a diaper shower with Selah and never bought a pack of diapers until she was over a year old!  AMAZING BLESSING!!  After I did I purchased the parents choice diapers from Wal-Mart because the price was good.  Now that I shop and hunt for deals at Walgreens I have been able to get some great deals on diapers.  I also signed up on amazon and got a huge box of diapers for very cheap and free shipping!  :)  YAY!!!   When Selah was a baby I loved the Pampers swaddlers.  As she got old most diapers worked for her, I never had any issues with leaking or blow outs!  Very lucky mom here.   What is your favorite diaper brand?  Why?  What issues have you had with diapers?  Do you shop for the best diaper or the best price

Many Blessings...

So we have been blessed and more keep coming!  We have friends giving clothes to our baby boy, to our daughter Selah, and friends watching Selah.  So much to give praise too!  :) So Selah spent the night at friends on Sunday and their daughter grew out of her robe and got a new one so she gave Selah her old robe.  Look at this pretty little girl in her robe. I think she is quite the model.  :)  She loves this robe. Thank you to our friends who keep blessing us!  :)  WE truly appreciate your love!

Blog look

Please be patient with me as I am trying new templates out and getting my header banner made.  Once I complete the look I will not be changing a million times in a day!  LOL Thanks for understanding!

Toddler nose picking...gag gag gag

Hey parents I really want to know what you did to convince your child to not pick their nose and eat it... GAG!!! Funny thing is my husband can handle throw up and dirty diapers but if he sees snot or boogers he is gagging.  It is quite humorous.  Well, as you can imagine with a 3 year old they are going to be curious and pick.  Selah has been picking her nose for a few months now and eating them. I have explained how they can make you sick, how they are gross, ignored it so she has no attention from it, but she continues to do it.  In fact if I tell her no she hides her face with one hand and uses the other hand to finish the job. YES THIS IS VERY DISGUSTING!!  IT DRIVES ME BONKERS!!! We have read the book "No David" several times and one of the lines in the book says "No David" well I added on the page with him picking his nose is "thats gross."  Selah and I have read that book so much that she can now read it to me.  I was hoping she would reali

Pregnancy comparison

So I want to hear from the mom's who have more then one child. I have some questions and comparisons I have made since I was pregnant with my daughter about 4 years ago and am currently pregnant with my son. I was 23 years old when I had my daughter Selah and I will be or nearing 27 when this baby boy comes in March. Things I remember with Selah are so different then what I am experiencing right now. Selah is a girl so maybe there are some big differences just in the fact that I am pregnant with a boy. So let me hear it mom's what differences did you experience with having a girl and a boy?? My first pregnancy I did not know I was pregnant till I was 9 weeks along. I only had a little bit of morning sickness mainly due to taking my prenatal vitamin in the morning rather then at night. I did get influenza which is how I found out I was pregnant with her. This second pregnancy I knew within a couple weeks, I knew before I missed my period that I was pregnant. My


Oops... somehow just deleted my original background! FRUSTRATING! I REALLY LIKED IT!!! Thoughts on this new one? Anyone else have a hard time finding a blogger template they like? Good night! Hope you all have a great sleep!

Tuesday Blog hop

Date Night! :)

We had family friends take our daughter over night last night so we could just enjoy each other!  :)  We will soon have our baby boy here so we really wanted to make sure to get out without Selah before baby comes. Thanks so much to our friends for taking her!  It is such a relief to know she was a good girl. :) So what did we do you might wonder?? Well first we enjoyed the Packer/ Bear game!  How happy I was to see the Packers win!! :)  YIPEE!! After the game was finished we headed out to a supper club just outside of town.  We had never been there before buy my hubby and I both ordered prime rib... it was yummy and will be warmed up for dinner tonight too as the servings were huge! :) The restaurant was nice, it still had many Christmas decorations.  That leads me to my complaint... they were still playing Christmas music.  When is it to late to play Christmas music??  Maybe it is me but we start playing Christmas music right after Thanksgiving so I think it should end right

Praise Report Monday (top 10 of the week)

Since my blog is titled "Praises of a Wife and Mommy" I better not forget to make sure I give out some praise reports each week! :) So for this week this is what blessings occured and what I am very thankful for! 1. Selah feeling better! It is always hard as a parent to watch your children not acting like themselves and being in pain. SO THANK YOU JESUS for giving her relief. 2. I am so thankful to see my little girl have such great faith at her young age. :) She really did pray and rely on Jesus to bring her relief. 3. Food- started making a menu and sticking to it. Makes life so much easier! :) YAY!! 4. Good friends- we have so many! 5. A good friend taking Selah overnight so hubby and I could have a date night! HOW AWESOME! (another blog to be written about our date) 6. I am just starting week 31 of my pregnancy! GETTING CLOSE!!! :) YIPEEE 7. LOVE- the love I feel from my heavenly father, and my family, and many others! :) 8. A

Monday Blog Hop

1. What is your favorite kind of fudge? hmmm... My favorite kind of fudge is the fudge that Grandma Rose makes! :) 2. Is there snow outside your window? YEP... A heck of a lot of snow! 3. What is your favorite meal of the day? I have to eat breakfast every day! I love it! But i do love dinner with my family better! :) 4. Do you text on your cell phone? I text every day! :) 5. Waffles or pancakes? Tough one, if my waffle can have strawberries and whip cream, but pancakes and syrup if I want to be quicker when cooking at home.

YAY!!! Packers in the Superbowl!!! :)

That was an exciting game to watch yesterday!  :)  I am so excited and happy for the Packers!   I had some predictions right but the game sure was tough and rough and was close, but what more can you expect when the Packers face the Bears.  These two teams have a lot of vengeance out for each other. Proud to be a Packer fan today!  :) Best play of the game:  Raji's interception and TD!!!  It is fun watching a 338 pound man return an interception for a TD! The first quarter the Packer looked great, offense was scoring and defense was holding! Second and third quarters were rough to watch as the Packers run offense was stopped and many thrown passes were dropped. Fourth quarter was all defense with a defensive touch down and a important interception at the very end of the game to stop a drive that could have tied the game! GOOD JOB PACKERS! The only bummer of the game was Jennings never made it in the endzone so we could all score 85 cent Papa Burgers from A&W.   He w

More Bible quizzing

So I am testing this blog app from my droid. The last two days have been busy and non stop. Yesterday I subbed 8-3:45 then worked the y from 4-7, and then we had some youth over to practice Bible quizzing. Woke up and worked 8:30-11:30. Then we had a quiz all afternoon. We are on our drive home. So any typos blame it on the phone and bumpy car ride. We have 4 quizzers and they rocked the quiz. Ian was a perfect quizzer with 660 points!! Awesome!! The also Britteny was 2nd n Ariel 3rd. April W was tied for 5th... good job since she was working on the wrong chapter for a week....big oops! Mentioned in a post prior but these kids have worked hard and are impressive with how much they have memorized. GOOD JOB WATER BUFFALOES Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.5

Packers VS. Bears

One of the biggest rivalaries in the history of football will be played for the the chance to go to the Superbowl!!! I am so excited to cheer for my PACKERS this weekend. Since I am 30 weeks pregnant I do not have any Packer clothes that fit to cheer! Last weekend my daughter and I put on temporary tattoos but we used them all. I think we will have to paint our faces or something! LOL Packers have been to the Superbowl four times and won it 3 times. Bears have gone 2 times and won it once. I think Packers will do AWESOME!!! I dont think Cutler can handle the pressure and will throw a couple interceptions as well as a few sacks coming his way. So here is what is going through my head for Sunday... SACKS COMING FROM CLAY MATTHEWS... all day long! Rodgers running in a touchdown! Greg Jennings scoring- so everyone can score a .85 cent papa burger at A&W. GO DONALD DRIVER Defense getting a TD, many sacks, interceptions, and fumble recoveries!  GO WOODSON and MATTHEWS

Blog Hop's for the weekend


Yep it was -39 below with the wind last night and the whole day seemed quite cold, but in reality I think when ever it is below 0 its just cold doesn't really matter if is 0 or -30 its just cold. Your nose freezes up, you fingers want to fall off, you toes need to be in boots, and do not forget the hat so your ears do not fall off! Yep that was a lot of complaining, but I am very thankful for a nice warm house and a husband who cooked dinner for me tonight!  :)  PTL for that!  :)


So my family lives in a nice 2 bedroom apartment right now and we have baby number 2 coming in March.  We know we can make it work for awhile since our apartment is a good size.  It is nice cause rent is low, we have a garage, we have big closets, and huge bathroom, and heat and water is included, a washer and dryer included.  So there are lots of advantages to living in this apartment.  I would have to stay that many times I wish we had a house, funny thing is we are homeowners but we are now landlords because we moved away from that city. So the last few days hubby and I have been discussing how to organize the house to make it: 1. make room for the baby 2. get rid of the clutter 3. make the house easier to clean when everything has a place where it belongs. This morning we headed out shopping and purchased three- 3 shelf bookcases.  2 bookcases were set up and placed in our big closet under the steps.  So we were able to take the 3 huge rubbermaid tubs out (which made it hard

$0.85 cent Papa burger (Jennings burger) at A&W

Mentioned before but "GO PACK GO"  but you will also hear me cheering Go Jennings GO because if he scores a touchdown on Sunday in the NFC championship game A&W will be selling their amazing, yummy, huge, papa burgers for only $.85 cents on Monday!!!!  :)  Believe me you will be full after half of it!  :)  You will have to check your store if it is participating but I live in WI so I would assume all WI A&W's would participate!  "GO JENNINGS GO"! So who is joining me on Monday at A&W?  :)  :) :)

FROZEN in Wisconsin

Its that time of year when the temps drop below 0 and the wind chill makes it feel bitter.  In Wisconsin we always get wind chill advisories and tonight is one of the nights where you are under lots of blankets and wish you had a fireplace.  The low for tonight is -17 and with the wind chill it might feel like -30!!!  30below 0 thats when you have to pack a blanket in the car just in case you have a car issue, which many cars in WI are probably having to get a jump today and tomorrow.  I have a subbing job tomorrow and I am kinda hoping they have a late start!  :)  Many schools have to consider the number of kids who wait outside for the bus.  If you have skin uncovered you can get frost bite in just a matter of minutes.  I remember a couple 4 years ago we had wind chill's that were -50 degrees!  It gives families a reason to stay in and do things indoors, games, movies, baking, cleaning! Anyone else in a deep freeze?  What are you doing inside to stay busy?

Just in time for Valentines Day

So I have been getting free issues of Ladies Home Journal :) FREE!!! :) Febuary's issue mentioned "Score a free marriage workbook" All you have to do is become a fan on Ladies Home Journal on Facebook and then you can download their Valentines Day download thats packed with 50 of their all time favorite marriage tips. :) I already went to facebook and liked them and am interested in there advice for date nights. :) Just go to    to get yours. The only thing about this marriage workbook is there are no Christ centered principles which is a big thing in my marriage, but there are still some good tid bits to get out of it.  :) One more bonus is you can click to download 55 simple and quick recipes for mom.  Which is something I could use! :) Enjoy

Thursday Blog Hop

Blog hopping today...looking for mommy's like me! :)

Hippo fun and review

One of my favorite games growing up was "Hungry Hungry Hippo's"  What a great game!  This is a video of my daughter playing with some of our Fuse Students (youth group).  She loves hanging out with these kids!  :)  They are super sweet to her and good role models too!  :) I have one complaint??  With the game to fit it back in the box you have to take the hippos off!  :(  WHY??  That is so silly.  Was it always like that?  I don't remember that when I was a kid.  We got the gift from papa for Christmas so maybe this one was cheaper??  I wonder what would happen if I wrote to the company.  I have not done that but I think my opinion is a good one.  So I threw the box away and just put the marbles in a bag and tape it to it.