sleep deprivation

The time has come in this pregnancy where getting into a comfortable position to sleep is almost impossible.  Last night I was in some pain, and then I was hot, and then I still have this nasal junk!  With those things together it made me so frustrated!  I have been having a lot of pressure on my pelvic bone which is not fun and on top of that my hips have been very achy the last couple days. I always get up to use the bathroom and the hardest thing for me is getting in and out of bed... I am very short and my bed is a bit high off the ground.  I was just talking to my pastor's wife and telling her I don't waddle yet... pretty sure I have a good waddle now!  With my daughter I had pain in my lower back from the sciatic nerve, but with this one it is a whole different type of pain!   

I serve an awesome faithful God so I am seeking him for some relief today!  I know I can ask my daughter to pray for me and she will!  :)  Feel free to say some prayers for me also! :) 

On top of prayer I think it is time to go pillow shopping!  :)   


Praying for you! Hope you are able to get some sleep tonight. The last couple weeks are hard, but they are so worth it when you meet that new baby finally!
Unknown said…
Following you back from

Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers so that your final weeks will be a tad more comfortable. But the end result is oh so worth it!
( jason ) said…
Do you use a body pillow? My wife found that to be very helpful to get comfortable at night, during both pregnancies.
Thanks so much for following Practical Parenting! I hope you get some rest soon...I know the feeling. Thinking good thoughts for you!
Karen Mortensen said…
Sounds good. Thanks for coming by and for following me. I am now following you.
Well I have purchased a body pillow and at times I love it and at times I throw it off the bed. LOL I am just always moving around.