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Local County Park

So there is a story with this log.  One that I am disappointed in myself for.  You see that log? I saw it and thought oh that would be a fun one to walk across.  Soon after my husband and kids started to walk across.  Titus showed a little fear but faced it and walked across.  I on the other hand tried twice an chickened out.   I got really shaky and nervous and gave up.   My daughter even yelled, "mom, fear can go to hell."  To which I was a proud mom but I didn't face the fear.  I did not cross the log.  DARN IT!  

Florida 2020

Well, we caught a flight right as schools started to announce they were closing till April 13th... Here I write this weeks later and we will not be returning to school this year.    This trip was all about relaxation and enjoying our friends whom we miss dearly.   With the covid-19 scare we didn't go do any tourist things.   We enjoyed their retirement community and went to the pool a lot and took nice walks on the trails.  It was perfect.   WE were blessed to have a fun little trip!  

Off the trail

It was a beautiful day to get outside and we headed to a walking trail but quickly found ourselves going off the path and investigating.  

Hammock in the Sunshine

Window Art

It sure took a long time with window markers instead of paint!  Next time I will use some washable paint!   However the best part was seeing the sunshine come through the window and create a colorful reflection!  

New Hobby.... Thanks Covid-19

How are you staying busy with being home more?   I asked on our local free site if anyone had any house paint they wanted to get rid of.  I got several cans and now I have painted several canvas's.  I am trying new ways to do the pour painting!  I make a mess but it is very therapeutic for me.    What are you doing to stay busy? 

Cracking Geodes

Any other mom out there looking for ideas on helping entertain their kids while they are out of school.    This Covid-19 I keep hearing, "I am bored!"   So this package that arrived in the mail sure made them happy... even if it was short lived!   It didn't take much effort or much time to break these geodes.  A couple hits and boom they were cracked open!  

Book/Bible Review: Artisan Collection Bible for Girls

Here we go again... I got this wonderful and beautiful Bible in the mail and immediately Selah my 12 year old daughter was begging to make it her new Bible.   (She has so many Bibles so I was like I think we need to bless someone else, and now she is mad!)  This art collection bible has some other great features.   You can see some of those great features in the image below.   I really like the the pages of this bible are thicker.  It makes me more likely to take notes in the side margins that are provided because the paper isn't so thin.    Thanks Zondervan for sending me this book for free in exchange for an honest review.  I was not paid for this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own.