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A message worth dying for

Devotion from Acts 7. Stephen gives the  sermon of his life. It all points to Jesus!

Deal or No Deal

Every now and again I need something to do that makes me not think and an easy online game helps with that.  Here is a free online game with prizes to go play.  Have you seen Deal or No Deal on TV?   GO PLAY HERE

When will he sleep through the night??

I am still praying and believing that my little man will adjust and finally start sleeping through the night.  Anyone else out there have a baby that refuses to sleep in long spurts?  He goes to sleep around 7:30-8 and then is up around 11:30 and then every 2-2.5 hours after that??  I am trying to get him to learn some self soothing techniques...any ideas?  He is a really good boy but struggling with the whole waking up so often.  He is 10 months old and has 2 teeth with more coming. 

Outside Winter Adventure

I have to find new things to get me motivated to play outside.  I miss summer...but winter can be fun to.  First we went to the Dollar Store and purchased balloons.  Then we filled them up with water and food coloring and set them outside to freeze.  :) We had all different sizes and lots of different colors.  The next day it was time to bundle up and enjoy the sunshine and our frozen ice to make some sculptors.     Holding a pink one because pink is cool.    Trying to stack them up.  Caution when you take the balloons off I had some that were not frozen all the way through so they were not round and smooth and ice can become sharp so just throw off to the side if they are not playable.   Love how the sunlight is hitting it and the snow sticking to it.   She wanted to stomp on them here. 

Valentines Day gifts...hmmm

January is almost completed and the "love" month is nearing.  Some years the hubby and I do not really give gifts we just decided the quality time is better.  So far this year we have not sat down and discussed if we were spending money on each other.  Our church is doing a Valentines Day Banquet so we will go to that and enjoy some yummy food, but do not worry I am still counting those calories and working out!  :) :)  Everyone needs to have treats too.  :) I have thought about some ideas that might be kinda fun to do sometime to surprise hubby with or be surprised!  :)  I mean in the 5.5 years of marriage hubby and I have never had a glass of   champagne .    iI don't know if I would enjoy it or not??  I just always think it is romantic and sounds fun.  :)  So why not order a bottle from   What are some of your BEST valentines day's... give me some good ideas!  :)  I have seen several ideas on pintrest that a

Oh girls...

Many of you know that my husband and I have a youth ministry.  If there is one thing that I have a hard time trying to get in the teenage girl heads is waiting waiting waiting on a boyfriend/husband.  It is so hard when the world tells us to be happy we need a boyfriend.  UGGG  BARF!  Girls, God wants your whole heart so just give it to him and you will be amazed...just wait and see!  I know God's timing is perfect but I also understand and know how hard it is too wait.   Sometimes I think young girls think, "once I have a boyfriend I will be happy."  Let me just say that no man is going to bring HAPPINESS...God will.  He will fill your heart up.  Yes, there is joy and happiness in marriage but God needs to be the center of it.   So keep dancing with GOD... don't get in a hurry, but eventually he will show you the man he has picked for you future husband!  Remember God brought Adam to Eve so he will bring a male to you too!  When God orchestrates a marriage union it w

Toast Painting and Eating= AWESOMENESS!

Another find so lets thank: Share and Remember  for this idea.   All you need is a little milk mixed with some food coloring and then let your child have fun with a paint brush.   Here are the supplies: My daughter picked purple, pink, and green for colors.   Painting and loving it... I always catch her concentration face.   Before it goes in the toaster... and out of the toaster.  I love how the colors popped!  (White bread would work better but we only had Whole Wheat.) A few more because she wanted ever one in the family to have "party bread." Daddy wanted a bagle so we did that too.   Tasty!  :) The entire time my daughter thought it was frosting!  hehehe I let my daughter design each on her own but the possibilities are endless... you could work on patterns, or shapes, or if you are talented create some wonderful masterpiece!  

More Then Just Salvation

Devotion, Acts 2 What must we do then?  Salvation and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Today I will...

Thankful Thursday

I have not posted a Thankful post in a few weeks so I thought it was time!!  Don't think I am not thankful cause I AM!!!  I have been so blessed lately...there is so much gratitude in my heart!  YAY! So I hope you all have been experiencing God in a much deeper way this 2012!! Here is my list of things I am so thankful for: 1.  God's never ending LOVE for me!  :)  I am his beloved!  YAY! 2.  We had safe travels for all our Christmas plans which included my husband driving to New York. 3. Our church blessed us with the church van!  :)   A couple years ago it was donated to the church but we do not use it enough to cover the insurance expense so they blessed us with it!  :) 4. My kids are healthy and happy and tons of fun. 5.  My husband got a pay raise!  Can I get an AMEN!  :) What a blessing that we were not expecting.  It worked out so well because I have not been cleaning the church anymore so we have lost that little income but now with the raise no big deal!  

Witness Power

Devotion from Acts Chapter 1. What is Jesus intention for us?

Caught him...

Well, my lil guy decided he wanted to eat the marshmallows off of the art project that was hanging on the fridge.  LOL  I had to run and get my camera since I thought it was cute.  I moved him away and now we have a battle as he keeps sneaking into the kitchen.  

Worship Wednesday: One Thing Remains

I love the lyrics in this song... " Your love never fails, never gives up Never runs out on me" "In death, In life, I'm confident and covered by the power of Your great love My debt is  paid , there's nothing that can separate my heart from Your great love"

Marshmallow Snowman

January is always our snowy month so we get creative with our crafts too.  :)  I actually saw something similar to this on but we changed it up a little bit.  This is a craft that can be done by any age just adjust for the different ages.  Here are the steps to this wonderful craft:  Find 3 different shapes to trace for the snowman's body.  2. Gather supplies: marshmallows, toothpick (arm's), glitter ribbon (recycled from Christmas), glue, colored glue for buttons and face.   3. I helped spread the glue on the circles and then my daughter placed the marshmallows.  The middle is the shiny/glittery ribbon.  Hand over hand for the mouth and buttons.  

10 Month old Titus!

My little monkey boy is 10 months old today!  Tear...he is growing up too fast.  I am so sad and excited at the same time to start planning his 1st birthday.  This photo shoot was the hardest one to date since he was such a mover.  He got really excited because I had balloons out but ultimately I think I need a new camera.     Yes, he is standing up on everything...and even climbing.   He is still my little peanut but to me he is growing fast!  I am ready ready for him to start sleeping through the night!!  He is a good eater but is already tired of baby food since he wants what ever mom, dad, or sister is eating.  He had his first big and bad diaper rash last week but it is almost all cleared up-Praise GOD!  

Looking for the living among the dead?!

Devotion from Luke 24. Christ is not  de ad, He is alive and well, don't look for  Him in places meant not to contain life.

Valentine Heart Craft

We started making some Valentines over the weekend.  I pre-cut the heart shape and then she glued tissue paper and sparkly ribbon in the middle.  Using tissue paper is great because you can let them rip it or practice cutting.   The project was easy but very pretty!  :) She already gave 2 of the 3 she made out to people she loves.  :)   DONT FORGET to enter my Girl Valentine's Hair Clip Giveaway HERE !!  :)  Good luck

He's With Me

Devotion from Luke 23. Jesus and the two  criminals crucified.

Letter "B" "G" "D" and "J" Review

I found this awesome letter printable's while on pintrest (follow me and I will follow back).  Here is the website: First I had Selah practice writing each letter and then we reviewed the sounds.  :)  She is getting better with the sounds and with writing but she had the most fun doing the pictures.    

I Am Who I Am

Daily Devotion from Exodus 3. We get to see what God  says about Himself, this is important stuff.

Valentine Girl Hair Clip Giveaway

I have 2 lots of 8 hair clips that are up for grabs.  Two lucky winners will take home 8 adorable girl clips perfect for Valentines Day.


I was reading one of my devotionals for the day and absolutely loving learning about Jehovah Sebaot!  :)   Jeremiah 11:20 20   But, O Lord of hosts, who judges righteously, who  tests  the heart and the mind, let me see your vengeance upon them, for to you have I committed my cause. Jehovah Sebaot means Lord of Hosts and  Sebaot means "armies" or "fighting force" in Hebrew.  The thing that this devotional pointed out was using the term Jehovah Sebaot was kind of like saying "My daddy is better then your daddy" or "My God is better then your God."  I thought what an awesome analogy and picture in my head.  There are so many times when I need to have that attitude when I am faced with a trial.  God not only wears a crown he also has a shield and he uses it for my good!  :)  HOW AWESOME!  :)  So from day to day we battle attacks from the enemy but it is very clear that God is fighting for us!   The name Jehovah-sebaot acknowledges that the Lord d

Moses, Learning from His Mistakes

Today's devo is from Exodus 2, we see Moses  and  what happens when he tries to cover up his  mistakes.

Give to God what is God's

Daily Devo. Luke 20. Jesus answers those who seek to  trap Him with some  very  wise words.

To Seek and Save Whom?

Daily Devotional. Luke 19. Jesus came to seek  and save the lost, He demonstrates this in  calling out zacheaus that wee little man.

Awesome toy coupons to print

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