I was reading one of my devotionals for the day and absolutely loving learning about Jehovah Sebaot!  :)

 Jeremiah 11:20

20  But, O Lord of hosts, who judges righteously,
who tests the heart and the mind,
let me see your vengeance upon them,
for to you have I committed my cause.

Jehovah Sebaot means Lord of Hosts and Sebaot means "armies" or "fighting force" in Hebrew.  The thing that this devotional pointed out was using the term Jehovah Sebaot was kind of like saying "My daddy is better then your daddy" or "My God is better then your God."  I thought what an awesome analogy and picture in my head.  There are so many times when I need to have that attitude when I am faced with a trial.  God not only wears a crown he also has a shield and he uses it for my good!  :)  HOW AWESOME!  :) 

So from day to day we battle attacks from the enemy but it is very clear that God is fighting for us!  The name Jehovah-sebaot acknowledges that the Lord directly intervenes in the spiritual realm, battling on behalf of His people.

Does that make you feel better?  Remember we know we will have trials but god works everything out for our good, so be patient during the trial and know something good will come!  :) Don't rely on your strength but trust and lean on God in His strength and his timing!  :) 


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