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Sun Tail Mermaid Review

Who We Are Sun Tail Mermaid  is an American company that makes the best quality products for swimming like a mermaid or a shark - how fun is that? What started out as a Kickstarter product is now a multi-family business. Our products are built to last, comfortable to use, and we have the best prices around. My Review I knew my daughter would be super excited about Sun Tails Mermaid!   I even had her help pick out which one to pick since it was for her.  She picked the Dragon Mermaid set!  Design Dragon Tail is a mermaid tail design inspired by fantasy flying dragons with lizard-like scales. Diamond shaped reptilian scales in black, greens, and pinks coordinate with our green mermaid monofin for a truly fantastical look. Comfort and Quality Our realistic scale mermaid tails are made from 80/20% nylon/spandex material with 4-way stretch.  The swimsuit material is very comfortable and works well for swimming, or as a mermaid costume. My Review continued:

Adorable Puppy Calendar

How is it almost December?  How is it almost 2018? As a kid, I could always rely on my dad to get everyone a new calendar for Christmas.  I remember getting a Green Bay Packer one, a puppy one, and Bible verse one.  The calendars I got from my dad were pretty simple with the top portion a picture and the bottom portion the  calendar  part.  The calendar to your left is filled with so many puppies!!  There is a puppy picture for every day of the year!  HOW ADORABLE! Seriously if you have a big dog lover to shop for then I suggest you head over to  and pick up your puppy calendar... they have a cat one too!    So I gotta ask- What is your favorite type of dog?  I am a big fan of beagles and I really want an English Bulldog!    

All you need to know about trimmers

Beards and moustaches are back in vogue in the realm of men’s fashion. There are a myriad beard styles like Bandholz, Razors edge, Short and Tapered, Faded, Thin, Bold and Thick and many more, which have become a rage for some time now. In a scenario like this, among all the grooming tools available for a man, a trimmer can be his best friend. A trimmer has a small high velocity motor and adjustable blades. The to and fro movement of the blades catches and cuts the hair. It comes with a head and attachments. The various comb attachments can be used for a detailed styling. The good news is that superior quality trimmers like the Philips Norelco are easily available in the market. The top four primary benefits of using a trimmer are discussed below: Gives you your signature style : You can shape and detail your beard and moustache the way you like with a trimmer. A shaver can only give you a clean shave, but you can use a trimmer to shape your hair. You can save your time and mo

Some Useful Things You can do with Nail Polish

You may have been stocking a number of half-used nail polish bottles unintentionally. Before you plan to throw them away, why not look into these awesome ways of using the remaining nail paint for other uses. You can try any of the methods that will help bring out more of your DIY experience .   Waterproofing the labels There may be important labels in your house that may smudge or tear over time and some can be important, such as prescription labels. You can use a thin coating of nail polish on top of a label to keep it free from fading and moisture. A similar method can be used for protecting labels on packages and envelopes. Protecting rusty rings under cans There may be formation of a rusty ring under an aerosol hair spray or shaving cream can. This is because the metallic surface tends to be exposed to water in a bathroom leading to a rusty surface. This rust can transfer to the composition of the can, which can ruin it. To avoid it, simply use a coating of nail po

Book Review: "5 Minute Bible"

Book Description Curl up with your little one, and discover 100 of the greatest Bible stories. From Moses’ encounter with the burning bush and Jonah’s trip to Nineveh to Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son and the last supper, 5 Minute Bible: 100 Stories and Songs will make an eternal difference by revealing God’s amazing love. With biblical truths and life-action applications, your child will take these biblical teachings to heart, and the adorable illustrations and song lyrics will help make these five minutes the best part of the day. Set aside five minutes to discover the Bible with your child—and start today! My Review Well, I was really excited to get this book with the songs in it but now my 10-year-old daughter has taken over our Bible time in the evening and she has been reading and singing.   Don't worry she lets me join in!  :)   She is really loving these bible stories because the songs are with them.  We know some of the songs which makes us sing longer and

Chewy review- Blue Wilderness

Description Take a walk on the deliciously wild side with the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Trays Variety Pack with Duck & Chicken Formula Grain-Free Dog Food Trays. Inspired by the wolf spirit that lives in every dog, these recipes offer wholesome nutrition in irresistible flavor choices. They’re made with only the finest, natural ingredients like real, protein-rich duck or chicken—and equally important is what’s not in it. This food leaves out all the stuff that isn’t good or nutritious for your dog because that’s just how nature intended it. And in an easy-to-serve tray form, mealtimes have never been better. Key Benefits Tasty and natural grain-free variety pack is packed with protein and comes in easy-to-serve trays.  Real, deboned duck or chicken is the first ingredient with added vitamins and minerals.  Inspired by the diet of wolves, who are true omnivores with legendary endurance. Made in the USA with only real ingredients and never any chicken or poultry by-produc

Watch Ya Mouth Game Review

This hilarious game will be a great addition to your family get-togethers!   We played this on Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to bringing it to my dad's house for Christmas.   Go get Watch Ya' Mouth now!  You will be laughing and you may just need to wear a diaper because of laughing so hard!  So where is my video?  Well, let's just say that I need a stand for my phone so that I am hands-free because this girl was laughing too much that the video would leave you sick to your stomach because I moved way much from laughing!  There is no way I wanted to do that to you guys so I attached the above video for you to see the silliness and fun of the game.    The first challenge was between my daughter and I.  We had to each take a picture and caption each other's pictures and send it to someone via text and wait for a response back.  Best response wins that round!   Selah won!   This little guy had to try to write his name and that left us

Wonder- Book and Movie Review!

Today I took the kids to see the movie "Wonder."  I read the book this week and my daughter read it at school this school year.    The book was a quick and fast read because it was so good!  I was drawn in from the start.  I liked how short the chapters were and that the book was sectioned out by characters which provided a viewpoint of that character.    The author developed the characters very well and anyone who reads can't help but think about being kind more!  I think my favorite character was the cool teacher who really challenged the students with mottos and positive sayings.  I know since I am a teacher it was easier to relate to him.   On to the movie... bring tissues!  It was a great movie that leaves you with a lasting message of be kind to one another.  A message we all need to hear more of.  I was disappointed they left out the whole hearing aide part of the story as well as getting a new puppy at the end.  So minor differences  

Royal Tea- Tea with a Mission

Head on over to Le Claire IA for your Black Friday shopping!   Or shop and get your tea gifts now! 

Thanksgiving 2017

Another Thanksgiving come and gone!   I'm so glad that I make it a priority to be thankful more than one day a year.   Thankfulness and gratitude is something I have been studying more too.  I just shared with our kid's ministry that we can bust fear with staying thankful.   When we focus on the things we do have rather then the junky thoughts it helps train our brain to positive thinking!   This year the Flan clan went to Illinois again to see family.   It was a smaller gathering of my husband's cousins family.   Two families of four... fun for the kids!   

Toddler-Friendly Days Out

Toddlers can be very hard to please. They can’t quite voice what they want, or what they need to make their day better, and yet they find it ridiculously easy to complain and let you know when they are unhappy. They have very short attention spans, find it hard to concentrate for too long and far too young to understand what’s going on at many older children’s favorite destinations. But, at the same time, you don’t want to keep them home all day, and they are starting to get bored of constant trips to the local soft play. They want a challenge, a chance to explore somewhere new and have new experiences and frankly, you need to get out of the house and away from kid’s TV occasionally. Finding somewhere you toddler will be safe and have a great time is only part of the problem. You also need to find somewhere relaxed and comfortable, so you’ll be able to cope with the tantrums that are sure to come as the kids get hungry, tired or bored. While also considering naps, toddler-frien

Team Building Activities To Bring Your Family Closer Together

Image Credit: Flickr As your family grows up, there will inevitably be a few tensions and strains put on your little unit. This is completely normal, especially between parents and kids and with sibling rivalry to handle. But the best families are the ones who make real time for each other. This doesn’t mean sitting in front of the TV together, it means time without distraction. To keep up with each other, you need to make time to get to talk to each other and learn to get on well together. Play Together Whether you choose to play a board game together or try a team sport like softball, playing is a great way to bring your family together and enjoy yourselves. Outdoor games are ideal in the summer to get you all outside into fresh air. And, if you really get the team sport bug, how about custom softball jerseys for the whole family? What else could bring you together as a team like this? You don’t need to keep a score to have fun but if you are playing to win, then ma

Avoid Disaster When Arranging a Children's Party at Home

You know the feeling. Your little one is planning a party in your home, and you already know that it will not end well. You are not particularly keen on supervising your own kids, let alone half a dozen more. You might want to find excuses, but you can’t say no. To avoid disaster, you need to come up with a plan. Below you will find some tips on reducing the risk of the next party ending badly. “Children's Easter Party 2008” by daveynin is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Get Help In school, there is a legal child to teacher ratio. If you cannot safely supervise all the kids at once, you should be either cancelling the party or ask other parents to stay and help out. You will need to keep an eye on all the little ones, who might be up to no good. A home for a child can be exciting, and they might want to explore places that are dangerous. Even if your child knows not to touch something, other kids might not. Get other parents involved. It is better safe than sorry. Arrange Ac