Adorable Puppy Calendar

How is it almost December?  How is it almost 2018? As a kid, I could always rely on my dad to get everyone a new calendar for Christmas.  I remember getting a Green Bay Packer one, a puppy one, and Bible verse one. 

The calendars I got from my dad were pretty simple with the top portion a picture and the bottom portion the calendar part.  The calendar to your left is filled with so many puppies!!  There is a puppy picture for every day of the year!  HOW ADORABLE! Seriously if you have a big dog lover to shop for then I suggest you head over to and pick up your puppy calendar... they have a cat one too!   

So I gotta ask- What is your favorite type of dog?  I am a big fan of beagles and I really want an English Bulldog!    


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