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I know....but I have to vent or rant or complain!

I usually try to keep my blog on a positive side but I was at the pool the last two days and the same thing bothered me both days.  I know patience and love but I just want to hear your thoughts on this arguing, clean comments! So what is it that I have been seeing that is driving me bonkers??? Teenage girls holding hands with teenage girls.  It is cute to see little 5 year olds hold hands with friends but then to see teenagers hold hands.  It is also not just holding a hand it is weaving the fingers type of holding hand (the more intimate kind).   Then I saw one girl hugging and rubbing another girls tummy.  It was not just two girls that I saw doing this it was about 6 different girls through out the last two days.  It is quite obvious that they are not homosexual but in their minds they have been taught tolerance and they are wanting to get the boys attention.  HELLO you are wearing a bikini... you have their attention.  I mean I definitely would rather see a boy and g

I just entered this sweet can too

Magical Memories is having a super sweet giveaway.  A chance to win 4 dresses.  These dresses are so adorable... like the picture above!  So many bright fun prints!  :)  CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY

$25 worth of Nuts, dried fruit, organic treats, and More for only $10

There is a great groupon today so if you like Nuts, dried fruit, and much much more then t his groupon is for you!  They also have a nice selection of organic treats! :)  NUTTY GUYS: To ensure freshness, arrogant scientists recommend storing nuts in abandoned tree stumps, the jowls of soft-toothed bears, or empty cassette cases. Ignore illegitimate science advice with today's Groupon: for $10, you get $25 worth of nuts, dried fruit, and more from Nutty Guys. Nutty Guys sports a massive selection of nuts, dried fruit, candied delights, organic goodies, and more. Legume fundamentalists will raise fists in solidarity at the chance to buy both raw peanuts and raw Spanish peanuts (each starting at $3.73/8 oz.), while nut progressives can try punishingly powerful wasabi peanuts ($3.37/8 oz.). Fuel snack times with mango cubes ($3.75) and apple-juice-sweetened blueberries($7.15/8 oz.), or sweeten a stash with chocolate-covered pretzels ($6.70/1 lb.), butter toffee almonds ($8.38/1 lb.),

Thankful Thursday's

Here is my weekly Praise report: 1. A great week at Kids Camp last week. 2. Having some time to rest. 3. Going to the pool today. 4. Having a great date with my hubby. 5. Celebrating 5 years of marriage... I am one blessed lady! What is your praise report?

Enter this low entry giveaway!

If you love to scrapbook then this perfect for you.  If you are not a scrapbooker but still want nice photo memories then this is perfect for you too!   CLICK here to enter the My Memories Suite Giveaway

Shocking statistics... WE CAN CHANGE THIS!

I was doing some reading and I came across these statistics that saddened my heart.   Children ages 5-13 have a 32% probability of accepting Christ as their Savior.  The rate drops to only 4% for kids 14-18 but if they have not become a Christian before the age of 19 there is only a 6% chance that they will some time in their life.   I don't know if you are like me but I read that and got sad then I got mad then I said "let change it."   We all are capable of sharing our faith and in fact that is what we are suppose to do.  After all that is the great commission.   And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.   (Matthew 28:18-20) So are

Have you checked your page rank?

I know I have been at a 0 but I saw a fellow blogger post that she has a page rank now so I went and checked mine and I am at a 2!  WHOO HOO!!  Exciting! Click here to check your page rank YAY for moving on up in the blogging world!  :) 

Worship Wednesday: Forever Reign

Wordless Wednesday

I love these facial expressions!  :)  LOVE LOVE LOVE

Date yesterday was awesome!

As I mentioned last Friday was my hubby and my 5 year anniversary.  We did not do anything on Friday but yesterday we got a sitter and went out for lunch at a cute little cafe.  Then walked around downtown and visited several cute shops.  There is this ceramic shop downtown that I really want to take my daughter too.  We will have fun creating something fun.  :) We also stopped at this big consignment shop and got some board games for only a buck.  We got UPwords, Battleship, a 4in1 game, and a puzzle sight word game. Then after we left there we went to use my coupon for the buy one get one drink from McDonalds.  We both got the frozen strawberry lemonade.  It was very YUMMY!  I recommend it.  :) Then we got home and it was time to go to our friends house for a cookout/bonfire. We did not get home till after 11 so today I have been exhausted!  Took a nap but need more sleep.  I am thinking it will be an early bed time for me! I LOVE MY HUBBY!  5 years went fast!

Follow me Monday and other Hops

*** Question of the Week  *** What is your favorite summer drink? My favorite summer drink is kool aid n strawberry lemonade.  :)  YUMMY!   CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OTHER MONDAY HOPS I AM DOING

Family Get-together's

I don't get a chance to see my extended family as often as I would like but 2 weeks ago I went home to visit my dad and other family!  :)  It is always a fun time! One thing my extended family does is meet up at Old Country Buffet.  Here are a few photos from our fun. My cousin's son holding Titus.  :)  This one is my favorite.  My daughter is 2 months older then my cousins son and my son is 2 weeks older then her daughter.  :)   HOW SWEET!  :) 

Meet Me Monday

Meet Me On Monday - A Place For Every-Thing! Questions: 1.  What is your favorite food?      I love Italian!  Spaghetti is my favorite.  I also have really been loving Ribs.  :)  2.  What color scheme is your bedroom?      A tanish brown. 3.  Do you carry a donor card?     No, my  license  has a sticker on it.   4.  In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?    Half FULL. 5.  Vanilla or Chocolate?     Vanilla!

He is 3 month's old!

Titus is 3 month's old already...since Friday!  He is now giggling, awake a lot, tolerating more tummy time, sitting in his bumbo chair, starting to coo a lot, and sleeping much better.  He is such a fun lil boy and I am blessed to be his mommy.  He brings a lot of joy to my heart and he needs to stop growing up so fast!!

Camp Story: Flooded out!

You all know I was at a kids camp last week.  I have never been to a camp before where it rained every day!!!  And when I say every day I mean off and on all day not just a quick shower and move on with your day.  You had to have your umbrella on hand at all times.  It was very strange.  Well on Tuesday night it was pouring and a lot of water was falling.  I was in my room and was about to go to sleep when I decided I better go use the bathroom again.  As I got up I felt the carpet a little wet and at first I thought my daughter wet the bed.  Then as I went to go turn the light on I felt a puddle of water under my feet.  I turned the water on and opened my door and was shocked that the whole floor was flooding!  OH NO!!! So here is a picture from the hallway looking into our room: So at 11pm at night we were relocating to a bigger cabin.  :)  I had to laugh because as we were packing up and driving over to the new cabin the sprinklers were on and then again in the morning they wer

Neat Birthday Party idea

Today my daughter had a birthday party to attend.  It was a fun time but my most favorite thing of the party was the marshmallow kabobs.  :) What a great idea!!!

When Daddy Falls Asleep...

Got to giggle when you see this one.  My hubby fell asleep in the living room yesterday and my daughter kept going to the bathroom to get more of her hair clips and headbands and did "daddy's" hair.  

Ocean Voyage Kids Camp Hats

Our theme this week for kids camp was Ocean Voyage and we used a lot from Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  (Kids camp is for kids aged 8-12 but since my hubby and I both help out our kids come with us.)   Here are the hats that were made.  My daughter did a very nice job.  She took her time using a stencil and some help holding it but did awesome work.  :)   

My new Reebok Runtone shoes!

I love getting new tennis shoes!  :)  I also love that I live in a town where we have a outlet for Eastbay.  Every year our town holds a big Gus Macker basketball tournament and the local Eastbay holds a HUGE sale!  We have only lived here for a couple years but every year we have gone tot he sale to buy new shoes.  I was very happy with my purchase this year.  :)  So I purchased a really great shoe for only $25!!  :) My sweet kicks!  :)  Here is a quick snapshot of the long line to check out!  Busy busy busy!  

5 year wedding anniversary!

5 years ago today I was in front of many loved ones declaring my love for my hubby.  I am so blessed to be his wife.  The last 5 years have been wonderful and I have so much to look forward to in our future. I love that he has a passion to serve Christ.  I love him because he is a great dad.  I love him because he encourages and lifts me up.  I love his upbeat attitude and his energy and his silliness! I LOVE YOU ANTHONY!!!   I can't resist to post the funny pictures from camp for our Goofy Face Photo Competition!  LOL!!  HANDS OFF LADIES!  HE IS ALL MINE!  :)  LOVE YOU BABE!  

She drew her first person. :)

Yes, I get excited over all the little things.  At camp my daughter drew her first person!  :)  I thought it was great!  :)  The person she drew is Lydia... her friend from church.

Back from Camp!!

We got back from Kids camp today.  I will be posting more details about our week as there are tons to share.  :) Sad thing is it rained all week at camp!  The sun is out right now and we are home from camp... what a bummer!

away at camp

Sorry I forgot to blog and let you all know I am out of town. I am at a kids camp with the family. We are having a good time. God is working in all these lil hearts Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.2

My Memory Suite Review and GIVEAWAY!

MY MEMORIES SUITE Review and giveaway!  (#1 rated scrapbook software)  The above is one of the scrap pages I have created.  Super easy and super fast.  I only took a couple minutes to create a 8 page photo book.  I am still going to do some more with adding more embellishments!  The below is one I created all from scratch and it only took me about 5 minutes!  :)  SO EASY!   Here is a great video explaining more about the product.  There are also tutorials available on I am not sure if you are like me but I have spent hours online trying to upload photos to the web to place them into something I was trying to create.  THE BIGGEST BONUS to My Memory Suite is the fact that it is downloaded to your computer so you do not have to wait forever for a picture to upload! It made my experience much quicker then other programs I have used online.  The scrapbook software was very easy to download on my computer and did not take long to learn how to create.  :) One feature t

Happy Father's Day to my Hubby

I love you Anthony so so very much!  You are a wonderful daddy.  It brings joy to my heart when I see you with our two little blessings.  Hope your daddy day is fantastic.

Happy Fathers Day to my DAD

My DAD is the best!  He is also a great grandpa!  

Cupcake time

We had the itch to do some baking and my daughter stated she wanted cupcakes!  So I had remember some time back seeing a cute picture somewhere so it sparked my idea while I was at the store to do a similar cupcake. :)   So here are our swimming bears! Yep used food coloring in the frosting and then Teddy Grahms and life saver's for inter-tubes.  :)  

Outside Movie at the Park

Last night was our towns Summer Kick off at one of the parks.  They had food you could buy and free activities for the kids.  They had a band playing until it was dusk then they played the movie "Despicable Me" on the big screen.  My family and I went.  Selah had a great time dancing and singing and creating her little hat with the "Minion's" and got her face painted.  Titus he slept through a lot of the evening but he is still super cute! It's free events like this that make me very thankful I live in a city.  I grew up in a very small town and we did not have events like this.  I was even telling my 3 year old daughter how blessed she is to have so many fun things she gets to do. It was a blessed time as the week was a very long and stressful one.  The weather was perfect to be outside and just relax and hear the music and watch the movie.  :) I am looking forward to some of the other free outside events that our city puts on.  :) Here are a few pict