Camp Story: Flooded out!

You all know I was at a kids camp last week.  I have never been to a camp before where it rained every day!!!  And when I say every day I mean off and on all day not just a quick shower and move on with your day.  You had to have your umbrella on hand at all times.  It was very strange.  Well on Tuesday night it was pouring and a lot of water was falling.  I was in my room and was about to go to sleep when I decided I better go use the bathroom again.  As I got up I felt the carpet a little wet and at first I thought my daughter wet the bed.  Then as I went to go turn the light on I felt a puddle of water under my feet.  I turned the water on and opened my door and was shocked that the whole floor was flooding!  OH NO!!!

So here is a picture from the hallway looking into our room:

So at 11pm at night we were relocating to a bigger cabin.  :)  I had to laugh because as we were packing up and driving over to the new cabin the sprinklers were on and then again in the morning they were on.  I know they are on a timer but come on your buildings are flooding and you do not turn off the sprinklers.  LOL


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