He is 3 month's old!

Titus is 3 month's old already...since Friday!  He is now giggling, awake a lot, tolerating more tummy time, sitting in his bumbo chair, starting to coo a lot, and sleeping much better.  He is such a fun lil boy and I am blessed to be his mommy.  He brings a lot of joy to my heart and he needs to stop growing up so fast!!


Heather said…
awww sooo cute!!! isn't the bumbo the best?!
YES!!! I love the bumbo. I am very blessed that a friend is borrowing me her's. :)
What a cutie pie! Time does fly. My sweetie is already going to be 2 months this week. Everything sounds like it's going great. :)

About Mrs. G said…
new follower from the blog hop!


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