Watch Ya Mouth Game Review

This hilarious game will be a great addition to your family get-togethers!   We played this on Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to bringing it to my dad's house for Christmas.  

Go get Watch Ya' Mouth now! 

You will be laughing and you may just need to wear a diaper because of laughing so hard! 

So where is my video?  Well, let's just say that I need a stand for my phone so that I am hands-free because this girl was laughing too much that the video would leave you sick to your stomach because I moved way much from laughing!  There is no way I wanted to do that to you guys so I attached the above video for you to see the silliness and fun of the game.   

The first challenge was between my daughter and I.  We had to each take a picture and caption each other's pictures and send it to someone via text and wait for a response back.  Best response wins that round!   Selah won!  

This little guy had to try to write his name and that left us with belly laughs and spit everywhere.   The thing about this game is you need wet wipes handy to clean your spots and table.   If you can get past 
all the salvia then you will really love this game.  

Once you have your family together they may whine and say they don't want to play but it is truly a good laugh!   The game we had also included straws, ping pong balls, and party blowers.   We liked doing rounds of the sayings because it was easier to try to say words than some of the challenges.    

Can you picture grandma or grandpa playing this game at Christmas?   

Make it happen and go purchase it today! 


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