Some Useful Things You can do with Nail Polish

You may have been stocking a number of half-used nail polish bottles unintentionally. Before you plan to throw them away, why not look into these awesome ways of using the remaining nail paint for other uses. You can try any of the methods that will help bring out more of your DIY experience.  
  • Waterproofing the labels
There may be important labels in your house that may smudge or tear over time and some can be important, such as prescription labels. You can use a thin coating of nail polish on top of a label to keep it free from fading and moisture. A similar method can be used for protecting labels on packages and envelopes.
  • Protecting rusty rings under cans
There may be formation of a rusty ring under an aerosol hair spray or shaving cream can. This is because the metallic surface tends to be exposed to water in a bathroom leading to a rusty surface. This rust can transfer to the composition of the can, which can ruin it. To avoid it, simply use a coating of nail polish over the surface to protect it.
  • Shielding leather scratches
If your leather upholstery has been damaged due to pets around the house, then you may use nail polish paint to fix it. Those small bits that protrude outwards from the leather surface may seem annoying, but they can be treating with a coating of nail paint. You just have to make sure that the color of the paint matches the color of the leather. A toothpick may come handy for applying small parts of the nail paint lacquer onto the gouges.
  • Fixing a crack in the windshield
When a crack in a windshield starts, it gradually goes all the way through. However, one can slow down the process of the crack by coating the crevice edges with clear nail paint. The applied lacquer will slightly seep into the windshield crack and act similar to an adhesive. Thus, you will be able to get more time until you can replace the window.
  • Shielding screws from rust
Many a times, the screws that are supporting our precious amenities are prone to rust, leading to decrease in their durability. This is more likely to happen items that are frequently exposed to moisture such as toilet seat screws etc. This results in a dirty and corrosive layer on the commode’s interior side that is hard to remove. However, you can save yourself from the headache of rust by applying a coat of nail polish over the screw.
  • Fixing chipped tiles

Tiles may add elegance to your home but they care delicate too. A sudden contact with a sharp or hard item may lead to chipping of the tile. In such a situation, you can save your precious money at buying a setter for the tile and use nail polish instead. Just apply the nail paint of the same color as your tile to its chipped surface and let it dry naturally for a protected coating.


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