All you need to know about trimmers

Beards and moustaches are back in vogue in the realm of men’s fashion. There are a myriad beard styles like Bandholz, Razors edge, Short and Tapered, Faded, Thin, Bold and Thick and many more, which have become a rage for some time now. In a scenario like this, among all the grooming tools available for a man, a trimmer can be his best friend. A trimmer has a small high velocity motor and adjustable blades. The to and fro movement of the blades catches and cuts the hair. It comes with a head and attachments. The various comb attachments can be used for a detailed styling. The good news is that superior quality trimmers like the Philips Norelco are easily available in the market.
The top four primary benefits of using a trimmer are discussed below:
  1. Gives you your signature style: You can shape and detail your beard and moustache the way you like with a trimmer. A shaver can only give you a clean shave, but you can use a trimmer to shape your hair. You can save your time and money by not going to expensive salons, and still bringing out the creativity in you by making your signature styles.
  2. Acts skin-friendly: Unlike the razor which puts pressure on the skin, resulting in nicks and cuts, a trimmer glides smoothly. It is not only soft on the skin, but it also ensures that it doesn’t darken the skin. There is no way the blades can cut into your skin as its movement is flexible and the speed can be controlled. There are no chances of rashes, allergies and the problems of ingrown hair as well.
  3. Serves many purposes: A trimmer is not just for the beard and moustache. Thanks to the different adjustable heads, it can be used to trim the hair up the nose, ears, armpits, chest and the hair down the nether regions as well.
  4. Practical: Since it is portable and light weight, it is handy, especially while travelling. You can just shove it in your bag and go on. It is also time saving since all it needs is a few glides for a smooth look. Trimmers are available as both corded and battery-operated versions. They are easy to maintain and you do not need a shaving base to trim your hair. When compared to shavers which are pricier and whose expensive blades need to be changed regularly, trimmers are easy to maintain. The best thing is that the trimmer blades are self-sharpening.
There are also few hassles with a trimmer.
  • You can only trim your beard after it has grown to a certain length.
  • It cannot give you a very clean shave. Even if you attempt a clean shave with it, it takes a lot of time.
  • It cannot exfoliate the dead cells.
Even with these minor loopholes, a trimmer can be one of the best grooming options for the modern man.


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