Avoid Disaster When Arranging a Children's Party at Home

You know the feeling. Your little one is planning a party in your home, and you already know that it will not end well. You are not particularly keen on supervising your own kids, let alone half a dozen more. You might want to find excuses, but you can’t say no. To avoid disaster, you need to come up with a plan. Below you will find some tips on reducing the risk of the next party ending badly.

Get Help

In school, there is a legal child to teacher ratio. If you cannot safely supervise all the kids at once, you should be either cancelling the party or ask other parents to stay and help out. You will need to keep an eye on all the little ones, who might be up to no good. A home for a child can be exciting, and they might want to explore places that are dangerous. Even if your child knows not to touch something, other kids might not. Get other parents involved. It is better safe than sorry.

Arrange Activities

You might want to create a schedule, instead of letting the kids roam freely. If they are not bored, they will not be looking for mischief. Have a snack when everyone arrives, get a springless trampoline, bouncy castle, or get kids to plant new flowers that they can take home. Check out the reviews of play equipment at https://parentingpod.com/springfree-springless-trampoline-review/ before you decide which ones are the most suitable for your home and garden.  

Put the Garden Room and Outdoors In Use

You don’t necessarily have to hold the party in your living room. If you have a garden room, set it up. Get a gazebo in the garden, so you can see what the little ones are up to. Your children’s party can be so much more fun if you know where the action is taking place. Give the kids a challenge to erect a tent, and they will love hiding in there. Create a concrete-free play area to play dodge ball, tennis, or badminton. Hire an air hockey or ping Pong table, so children can have a go at different things.

Establish Rules Early

To make sure that everything goes smoothly, you will need to make the rules clear for all kids. Tell them where they are and are not allowed, what they can and cannot do, and what to do if they want to use the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas. Ask them to tidy up after they had snacks, so you don’t end up slaving after them. Place the bin in a visible spot, so they can’t miss it.

Give Out Plenty of Warning

Even if you establish the rules and implement precautions, you cannot expect all kids to behave like angels. If they start breaking the rules, or stop following instructions, give them a warning. Tell them that they have three chances before the party is over. This usually works, as other kids will encourage the culprits to stop misbehaving, as they don’t want the party to end. If you get to the 3rd warning, however, unfortunately, there is nothing left to do but to call the parents.

Have the First Aid Kit Handy

Kids can be clumsy, and you need to be prepared. One of them might fall, and even if they don’t injure themselves seriously, you need to comfort them by offering a plaster. This way, you can avoid further problems, and prevent the other children from getting a shock after seeing blood.

Get Enough to Eat

Kids love experimenting with different flavors and shapes. Get enough food in the house, but don’t put it all on the table at first. Wait for the kids to finish most of the food you initially put out, and replenish the supplies. Use small bottles for juice, so they can pour it themselves, and refill them. Only bring the cakes and jelly out after they have had enough of the sandwiches. This way, you can reduce the waste by avoiding kids biting into everything and leaving food around.
For many young parents, having a children’s party at the house feels like hell has been set loose. If you prepare the party, food, activities, and communicate the rules clearly, you can increase your chance of success. If you are not confident enough to keep little ones in control, ask a friend or another parent who has more experience than you. Remember that it is your house and your rules, so you have the right to stop the fun any time.