Sun Tail Mermaid Review

Who We Are

Sun Tail Mermaid is an American company that makes the best quality products for swimming like a mermaid or a shark - how fun is that? What started out as a Kickstarter product is now a multi-family business. Our products are built to last, comfortable to use, and we have the best prices around.
My Review
I knew my daughter would be super excited about Sun Tails Mermaid!   I even had her help pick out which one to pick since it was for her.  She picked the Dragon Mermaid set! 


Dragon Tail is a mermaid tail design inspired by fantasy flying dragons with lizard-like scales. Diamond shaped reptilian scales in black, greens, and pinks coordinate with our green mermaid monofin for a truly fantastical look.

Comfort and Quality

Our realistic scale mermaid tails are made from 80/20% nylon/spandex material with 4-way stretch. The swimsuit material is very comfortable and works well for swimming, or as a mermaid costume.

My Review continued:
While still at home my daughter put it on as soon as we opened the package.  She loved it.    When we got to the YMCA to put it to real use we found that my 10-year-old did need help getting it on with the monofin in it.  After the third time, she was almost independently putting it on.   You really need to get the feet in the set just right.  We soon realized that you need to put it on right at the edge of the pool because mermaids can walk!  It was funny because my daughter decided she wanted to go from the kid pool to bigger pool and she just did a cute little shuffle.  However, doing the shuffle or maybe scraping the fin on the bottom of the pool there was a slight tear.  It looks like it is an easy fix by the seam but it was our first time using it so it was a bit of a downer.  Selah was still able to use it we just made sure she was more aware of not dragging the tail.  My daughter said she liked it but she did get a good workout learning to swim with the tail.  There really is a learning curve to using it but didn't take long for my daughter to figure it out.  My son is now wanting something fun like this so we might have to take a look at the shark fins that they have!