Oh girls...

Many of you know that my husband and I have a youth ministry.  If there is one thing that I have a hard time trying to get in the teenage girl heads is waiting waiting waiting on a boyfriend/husband.  It is so hard when the world tells us to be happy we need a boyfriend.  UGGG  BARF!  Girls, God wants your whole heart so just give it to him and you will be amazed...just wait and see!  I know God's timing is perfect but I also understand and know how hard it is too wait.  
Sometimes I think young girls think, "once I have a boyfriend I will be happy."  Let me just say that no man is going to bring HAPPINESS...God will.  He will fill your heart up.  Yes, there is joy and happiness in marriage but God needs to be the center of it.  
So keep dancing with GOD... don't get in a hurry, but eventually he will show you the man he has picked for you future husband!  Remember God brought Adam to Eve so he will bring a male to you too!  When God orchestrates a marriage union it will not be torn down by the world... Let him be the center!  


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