Toast Painting and Eating= AWESOMENESS!

Another find so lets thank: Share and Remember for this idea.  

All you need is a little milk mixed with some food coloring and then let your child have fun with a paint brush.  

Here are the supplies:

My daughter picked purple, pink, and green for colors. 

 Painting and loving it... I always catch her concentration face.  

Before it goes in the toaster...

and out of the toaster.  I love how the colors popped!  (White bread would work better but we only had Whole Wheat.)

A few more because she wanted ever one in the family to have "party bread."

Daddy wanted a bagle so we did that too.  

Tasty!  :) The entire time my daughter thought it was frosting!  hehehe

I let my daughter design each on her own but the possibilities are endless... you could work on patterns, or shapes, or if you are talented create some wonderful masterpiece!  


Lorrie said…
I LOVE all the fun things you do with your daughter. I know your son will love it too, when he gets a little older.
I think I am going to do this tomorrow- she looked like she had so much fun! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase ~Aimee

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