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When will he sleep through the night??

I am still praying and believing that my little man will adjust and finally start sleeping through the night.  Anyone else out there have a baby that refuses to sleep in long spurts?  He goes to sleep around 7:30-8 and then is up around 11:30 and then every 2-2.5 hours after that??  I am trying to get him to learn some self soothing techniques...any ideas?  He is a really good boy but struggling with the whole waking up so often.  He is 10 months old and has 2 teeth with more coming. 


Jenny said…
only thing that ever worked for me was Ferber. However, don't do it during teething, big transitions or big milestones...It wont work. My girls never really cried more than 15 mins.

Another book I really liked was the No Cry Sleep solution. It gave so many great ideas that I used along with the Ferber method, which I think helped things along. I really liked the idea of setting routines, etc. For instance I sing the exact same song to my girls when I am putting them to bed. When I start to sing that song they know that it is time to go to sleep. Good Luck! I know how hard it can be :)
Stephanie said…
Aww, I'm sorry to hear this - this must make for one tired Momma! I remember the days well (my son is 2.5) and sometimes I even MISS them!

I still semi-swaddled Logan when I put him down when he was about 9 months old. I can't remember how long I did this for, though... I just kind of rolled him up in a blanket like a little rollie pollie. :) It worked for him.

I hope you find something that works soon! :)
Unknown said…
oh no! this is what we did with our first and continued the routine with alex (9 months old) - they are both sleeping from 730-630am (though i dont get them out of their room until 7am).

after dinner (6pm), clean up and bathtime, get ready for bed.

once ready - dim lights, no tv, no music/radio. we read books. whether it is all together or andrew "reads" to alex (he's the 2 yr old). we just keep it quiet and calm.

7 rolls around and it is bedtime. they share a room, so they do talk to each other, but they fall asleep rather quickly.

if that doesnt work - let him fuss for a bit. it will not hurt him to fuss for 10 minutes. just dont get him up. go in and tell him you love him and its time for nite nite and walk out. it may take a few days, but it will be WELL WORTH IT!

good luck! i'm here for ya girl!

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