Thankful Thursday

I have not posted a Thankful post in a few weeks so I thought it was time!!  Don't think I am not thankful cause I AM!!!  I have been so blessed lately...there is so much gratitude in my heart!  YAY!

So I hope you all have been experiencing God in a much deeper way this 2012!!

Here is my list of things I am so thankful for:

1.  God's never ending LOVE for me!  :)  I am his beloved!  YAY!

2.  We had safe travels for all our Christmas plans which included my husband driving to New York.

3. Our church blessed us with the church van!  :)   A couple years ago it was donated to the church but we do not use it enough to cover the insurance expense so they blessed us with it!  :)

4. My kids are healthy and happy and tons of fun.

5.  My husband got a pay raise!  Can I get an AMEN!  :) What a blessing that we were not expecting.  It worked out so well because I have not been cleaning the church anymore so we have lost that little income but now with the raise no big deal!  :)  YAY God!  :)

I could probably rattle off 5 more but I do not want to make this too long or annoy anyone who might be going through a trial.  Trust me I have had my trials to and no worries those trial will eventually work out and Glory will be given to God and we will have that Aha moment and say yes God you knew the best plans for me.

What are you praising him for this week?