Hubby Award to mine!!!

I love my hubby so much!  As you can see my blog looks different.  He took his time this evening and created my banner and template!  I love it!  I like that fact that it is simple and  not to busy!  :)  SO MY HUSBAND IS AWARDED:  BEST HUSBAND HELPER!   He realized how hard I was trying to create a banner through a new program and was struggling miserably.  He is very advanced in technology and if he doesn't know how to do something he wont sleep till he figures it out.  So what took me forever trying to do I think he did better in under an hour!  :)  SO YEP HE IS AWESOME!!!

Thank you Jesus for sending me a wonderful helpmate!  He sure is there when I need him!  :)


Summer said…
He did a fantastic job!
DramaMama said…
I LOVE IT!!! The banner is the coolest!
Sheila Siler said…
Wonderful! I haven't even attempted to do banners or anything much different from the template (aside from figuring out how to change the profile picture size). My husband is not tech proficient - but he's still a keeper! Have a great day.
Xenia said…
Wow, he did a great job! I'm so impressed!

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great weekend!
New follower here from the blog hop! I love your background and header- your hubby did an awesome job! Feel free to visit my blogs anytime! :)
April said…
Hi! Thank you for following my blog! I am returning the favor. Have a Sweet Friday!

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