Toddler nose picking...gag gag gag

Hey parents I really want to know what you did to convince your child to not pick their nose and eat it... GAG!!!

Funny thing is my husband can handle throw up and dirty diapers but if he sees snot or boogers he is gagging.  It is quite humorous.  Well, as you can imagine with a 3 year old they are going to be curious and pick.  Selah has been picking her nose for a few months now and eating them.

I have explained how they can make you sick, how they are gross, ignored it so she has no attention from it, but she continues to do it.  In fact if I tell her no she hides her face with one hand and uses the other hand to finish the job.


We have read the book "No David" several times and one of the lines in the book says "No David" well I added on the page with him picking his nose is "thats gross."  Selah and I have read that book so much that she can now read it to me.  I was hoping she would realize it was gross, but it seems she keeps doing it.

So parents how did you get your kid to kick this nasty habit in the butt!  Cause I am going crazy with this one... it is really just one of those things that gives me a chill in my back.


Cakeblast said…
I agree that it is gross; we smacked our sons hands whenever we caught his fingers in his nose. We would also make him wash his hands right away. He likes washing his hands, but doesn't always like being interrupted if he is doing something he enjoys. This has all worked for the most part, but our oldest is 5yo now and we still catch him picking boogers, although we'll have him gargle some watered down Listerine if we catch him eating them.
We have smacked her hands too and made her wash them! She also enjoys washing her hands!

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