Losing the baby weight??

With my first daughter I lost most of the weight immediately, the problem for me was heading into the holiday season and breast feeding.  During my pregnancy with her I never woke up in the middle of the night starving but when I was breast feeding I was starving.  So I lost majority of the weight then I gained some of it back.  Then I started saying "it took 9 months to put it on so if it takes that long to get off that is fine."  Also in the first 2 years of her life we moved a couple times so that never helps either.

So I want to do things different after this baby comes.  I was thinking of signing up for a race but the one I wanted to do is in MAY and that would be very hard to be ready for that one.  Since baby is coming in the spring rather then fall I plan on getting out for walks as often as possible.  The next biggest thing is communicating with my husband to figure out the best time for me to hit the gym.  :)

I also read an article about these girdles to wear right after the baby comes to help support your back and to help get the tummy back to normal.  Here is one on amazon   I kinda want to try something like this but is there any health risks?  Is it too uncomfortable?  Is it just a big scam?  I wish I could get the company to give me one for free to do a review on it!  LOL... How do bloggers get to try products for free... cause I need to know that! :) After reading some of the reviews there were people who loved it and people who said it was cheap.  IT also seemed more women used it if they had a c-section.  I plan on have a natural birth so is this even something that will be good for me?

So thoughts on the girdle belt?  What worked for you to lose your baby weight?


Emy said…
I'm still dealing with baby weight and my son is 22 months old! All my friends told me to get one of those girdles for after he was born, but I didn't and now i wish I had.

You can do it!

I'm a new follower.
suzie q. said…
Hey there!

I wore a girdle for about 6 months after my son was born because my back was really hurting me. It's not particularly the most comfortable thing at first, but you just get used to wearing it and it does help you tighten things up, plus gives you confidence to wear clothes that are more form fitting after the baby. I even wore a girdle while working out, which protected and strengthened my back at the same time!
Patricia said…
I tried to start loosing weigh after my second girl 9 months and I noticed of my decrease of milk. So I will delayed my weight loss journey cause milk supplie is much more important for me. And with a baby and a toddler my body is not ready for anything else. It's nice to think about losing weigh and how to stick your goal, but sometimes is not the most important thing:)
Patricia said…
I've forgotten a new follower from weekend bloghop.
Thanks for stopping by Happenings of the Harper Household. I am now following you back!

I lost the baby weight easily with #1.... #2 isn't going so well. But I am breastfeeding and am more concerned with keeping my milk production up and so I am taking in lots of calories for that, so I guess with that in consideration I really am not doing too bad..... don't worry about the weight! :)
Miss Janet said…
Can't wait to get to know you better!

I will do more blog reading on Monday. Saving yours in a special place!

Following you back!

Ashley said…
Thanks for following my blog! I'm your new follower too. :) I used one similar to that after I had my first baby and I liked it to keep all the "flab" controlled (you know what I mean!) It was a little tight and not the most comfortable thing ever, but it worked pretty well.

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