Church was great today and I am feeling much better this afternoon!  :)  YAY!  We had a guest speaker preaching this morning and the next 3 evenings.  Today I think the biggest reflection on what he said is "He died ONCE for ALL for ALL TIME"  YAY JESUS!  

A double hooray I now hit the 100 follower mark!  I started this blog on January 4th... so in under 1 month I hit the 100 follower mark!  HOW EXCITING!  :)  YIPPEE

On top of hitting that 100 follower mark I also have been asked to be a guest blogger and I am very excited about this opportunity!  :)  WHOO HOO  So in the future look for my post to be featured on a blog!  I will keep you posted!  

Thats all for now!  Time to relax and read a bit before heading back out for more FREE-KING AWESOME GRACE at church tonight!  :)  (that is the theme with our guest speaker)  :) 


Miss Janet said…
That is so wonderful! I didn't get to go to church today. That's NOT NORMAL for any of us! Youngest was... letting it all loose out the mouth. Uhhh... yah.

So glad you had a great day! May the Holy Spirit wash over you as you worship God this week!


Catherine said…
I'm so glad you're feeling better and had such a great day. congrats on hitting 100 (and four!) followers!

I'm glad I'm one of them. :)