More Bible quizzing

So I am testing this blog app from my droid.

The last two days have been busy and non stop. Yesterday I subbed 8-3:45 then worked the y from 4-7, and then we had some youth over to practice Bible quizzing. Woke up and worked 8:30-11:30. Then we had a quiz all afternoon. We are on our drive home. So any typos blame it on the phone and bumpy car ride.

We have 4 quizzers and they rocked the quiz. Ian was a perfect quizzer with 660 points!! Awesome!! The also Britteny was 2nd n Ariel 3rd. April W was tied for 5th... good job since she was working on the wrong chapter for a week....big oops! Mentioned in a post prior but these kids have worked hard and are impressive with how much they have memorized.

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Yep they did really great! Just an update for all of you, the quiz league currently is six teams with a total of 27 quizzers. The Water Buffaloes have done well enough to sweep the top four positions overall now, I'm proud of them. Thanks for coming out and supporting them today. I love you babe!
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