Where do you buy diapers?

Diapers, diapers, calling all diapers!  Needless to say I have started stocking up on diapers... pic below!

Yep, it is quite the collection already!  :)  I have mainly Pampers and Huggies in that mix, with wipes.  I will only buy diapers when I can get an amazing deal!  I had a diaper shower with Selah and never bought a pack of diapers until she was over a year old!  AMAZING BLESSING!!  After I did I purchased the parents choice diapers from Wal-Mart because the price was good.  Now that I shop and hunt for deals at Walgreens I have been able to get some great deals on diapers.  I also signed up on amazon and got a huge box of diapers for very cheap and free shipping!  :)  YAY!!!  

When Selah was a baby I loved the Pampers swaddlers.  As she got old most diapers worked for her, I never had any issues with leaking or blow outs!  Very lucky mom here.  

What is your favorite diaper brand?  Why?  What issues have you had with diapers?  Do you shop for the best diaper or the best price?  


Amee said…
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Unknown said…
April i buy my diapers at sams club. i get 129 diapers $38. and the wipes i get fr there 2. 720 wipes 4 about $15. i get the huggies brand b/c that is the only thing that won't give Vik a rash.
w/ my oldest i used Luvs. they wkd the best and were affordable. my 2nd i used pampers, those were the only 1s that didnt give him a diaper rash. my last 2 i used huggies only. the reason is the walmart 1s gave them a rash, luvs leaked real bad, pampers they had explosions. huggies seemed 2 b the only thing that cld contain all they put out. :)i tried the target brand diapers and they wkd real well 4 Vik. no leaks, no blow outs, and no rash. the target 1s r'nt that much $20 4 a box. i'mn not sure how many u get, but the biggr the diaper the less u get. hope this helps
suzie q. said…
Huggies always has great sales and coupons available, but I've tried them and many others and my son (15 months) is just too sensitive! I can only use Pampers on him, but CVS often has EBs associated with them, so I get a good deal. This month, I plan to purchase Pampers through Amazon because I have a 20% off purchase for Amazon that came in Parents magazine.
I have stocked up with amazon and Walgreens, no CVS here :( BOO!!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Susie, did you sign up for the mom account on amazon also to get free shipping and another percent off? Thats how I got a ton of diapers very cheap! :)
You look like I did before both my kids were born! I stocked up so much before my first was born. I stocked up a little before my second was born, but she ended up being 10 lbs. so some of them were too small, I'm sure. I did use Amazon a couple times. I know some people were getting crazy deals at Walgreens. Luckily we're almost out of this phase. My daughter only wears a diaper at night now. She just can't seem to get over the peeing at night thing. She should really be in Pullups, but I'm afraid they'll leak. :-( Enjoy your little boy!!! Little boys are so sweet.
Atleast some stores allow you to bring the diapers in and exchange for the right size if they grow out of them! :)

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