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Pregnancy comparison

So I want to hear from the mom's who have more then one child. I have some questions and comparisons I have made since I was pregnant with my daughter about 4 years ago and am currently pregnant with my son.

I was 23 years old when I had my daughter Selah and I will be or nearing 27 when this baby boy comes in March.

Things I remember with Selah are so different then what I am experiencing right now. Selah is a girl so maybe there are some big differences just in the fact that I am pregnant with a boy. So let me hear it mom's what differences did you experience with having a girl and a boy??

My first pregnancy I did not know I was pregnant till I was 9 weeks along. I only had a little bit of morning sickness mainly due to taking my prenatal vitamin in the morning rather then at night. I did get influenza which is how I found out I was pregnant with her. This second pregnancy I knew within a couple weeks, I knew before I missed my period that I was pregnant.

My first pregnancy I was happy and excited and lost a lot of weight the first trimester even though I did not throw up much at all (only about 3 times)! So I felt good getting in my skinny clothes! :) With this second pregnancy I lost no weight and have felt like I popped out fairly quick! I also feel a lot more moody and my emotions are very elevated.

I worked full time with my first pregnancy but with this one I am so exhausted that I am barely taking any substitute teaching jobs. When working with Selah I changed many diapers, but with this pregnancy any stench of anything disturbing will leave me dry-heaving or with my head in the toilet. Smells have made me throw up about 6 times!!! Even brushing my teeth makes me gag... I wonder what the heck happened to my gag refluxes because they are way over the top. I feel like a big baby but trust me I am not faking them!

During this pregnancy I have had strep throat, puking flu, 2 colds, 2 yeast infections (tmi), ring worm, and I am only 31 weeks pregnant. Seems like a lot of junk to have in just 30 weeks!

Selah came 4 weeks early so I am curious to see how long this little boy will stay in. I am hoping he comes in the middle of March... he is due the 28th of March!

With Selah we had her name picked a couple days after finding out she was a girl, but with this boy... we still do not have a name picked! Who would have thought picking a name would be such a challenge.

I remember the butterfly flutters early, and Selah's little kicks, but with this boy I can watch my stomach and watch it move like a wave being done in a stadium. He has so much more strength that my nerves just jump when he moves.

Do you think my age has anything to do with my health during the pregnancy??? What are some others experiences carrying a girl and then a boy???

With Selah I remember enjoying every aspect of pregnancy, but with this one I keep wishing it was March. Sounds terrible :( :( I mean don't get me wrong I truly do enjoy being pregnant and enjoy such a miracle being formed inside of me. God is amazing and I am truly thankful to be having a boy since we do have a daughter. I think they call us the "million dollar family" :) I will accept any jk!


Unknown said…
hahaha... you are too funny! Donations are ALWAYS accepted. I cant make any comparisons being as i only have Isaac, however, A LOT of what you are going through with your son, i went through with him. Just wanted to let you know. :)
I feel like I "enjoyed" my pregnancy with my first one more b/c it was the first time I went through it. I don't think age has anything to do with anything. I was 33 and 36 when I had mine. I never got sick, so no comparison there. But, my son(1st) was 4 weeks early and they had to induce a day late with my daughter. I was expecting another "early" one, but nope. I was glucose intolerant with my son, but only borderline with my daughter. I could barely walk with her. She was a lot heavier and made me a lot more uncomfortable than my first did. I was like you. I just wanted it to be over with. I think it's harder to enjoy it once you're chasing another one around. Good Luck with everything! March will be here before you know it.
Unknown said…
April I know how u feel. Being pregnant w/ Espy I knew right away. I had morning sickness the 1st 4 mo. And still got sick a few more times (not many tho)b4 she came. With Viktor i was sick the entire 9mo. I really couldn't wait til i was done, even tho i loved being pregnant, w/ him it was just 2 much. Being pregnant w/ Espy wasn't so bad b/c like i wkd til the end. W/ Vik i was so tired. I do think it has 2 do w/ u having a boy. B/c my other 2 i was sick, huge, and didn't have a name til almost the end. I 2 was real emotional w/ all my boys. And smells were awful 4 me.
i do not think age has anything 2 do w/ it. I just think its b/c Ur having a boy. my boys u cld c them moving. Espy u cld feel her move. when i wld sleep it seemed like i had an alien trying 2 get out, not so much w/ her. My 1st child was 2 wks late, (i had a horrible mid-wife, but my last 3 were all early, so no clue how long ur bundle of joy will stay. But all i know is u show more and its tougher 2 carry a boy than a girl. i did enjoy being pregnant w/ all 4, but i was glad when the boys came, and a little sad when my daughter did. i sure do hope this helps.
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