Monday's praise report!

This weeks Praise Report from Praises of a wife and mommy.  :)

1.  I am praising God because my doctor appointment went well! today  Starting week 32 and feeling very excited.

2. My hubby and I were in and out of the DMV in about 10 minutes today.  Is that a record?? The last time I was at the DMV it took hours!!!

3. An organized house!  It feels good to get rid of junk and reorganize and feel ready fro the baby.

4. I tried a new pizza pie recipe and it was yummy!  :)

5. MY HUBBY for all the things he does for me, including my blog design! :)

More to come next week!  What are 5 praises you have had this week?


Miss Janet said…
I am excited for you and your praises!


God is growing me and using my gifts (prophecy)

I have been able to speak into 2 people's lives about God healing my Rosacea that I used to have

God has given me opportunities (I stay home and homeschool our kids) to get out and approach strangers for His sake and theirs

We are getting a huge snow storm and it's exciting

I got blessed with another blog gig

I had a Starbucks

Speaking praise in advance: God is going to provide a wonderful place for us to live!


Helen Pigott said…
Just popped by via MMOM to read your answers.
Hope you have a lovely week.
Helen x
dtbrents said…
There are always things to praise the Lord for. Doylene
HBrummett said…
HI! WHAT A GREAT BLOG! Thank for joining us for Making Friends Monday. I am a new follower of your lovely blog. Have a great week! ~Heather
Miss Janet said…
Thank you for inspiring me to post my praises!

Here is a little about the healing:

Here is a more detailed version:

The two are kind of linked.

Today, I saw a woman in Starbucks with Rosacea. I KNEW I had to talk to her about it but it was very scary. How do you approach a complete stranger to talk about and point out a disease that they obviously have?

Well, I did it and she was receptive. When I got out to my car, my insides were shaking, I was all worked up about to cry, and my PITS were soaked. (That's what happens to me when the Holy Spirit comes on me strong.) I then realized how that was a huge test from the LORD among other things. (I need to blog about this too!)

Great post!! Adorable pictures! Just found your blog while blog hopping! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!
Pam said…
I really enjoyed your praise posts. It is always great to remember all the things the Lord has blessed us with. Returning your follow from Making Friends Monday and The Thrifty Things.
Loree said…
Hi, LOVE your blog! I'm a new follower, if you have time follow me back at :) Thanks!!
I am also praising God, for my little cuddle bug! My daughter fell asleep on me this evening! LOVE HER! She is always cuddly in the morning too, when she wakes up she comes in our bed to cuddle! :) She is a great daughter!