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As some of you readers know we are expecting a boy in March.  One thing I have not really thought much about is circumcision.   What are the rules of taking care of that sensitive area after procedure??  Were any of your boys in pain??  How long does it take to heal?

I remember caring for the belly button/umbilical cord with cleaning at each diaper change with water or with alcohol, and don't give the baby a full bath until it comes off.  That is completely different then circumcision because there are no nerves in the umbilical cord so there  is no pain there, where with circumcision it can be painful.

One other thing I disliked about caring for an infant was clipping nails.  We have a small clipper but this task always makes me nervous and with our daughter I think I made my husband do it.  He is very good with attention to detail and taking his time on things.  


Heather Jones said…
We didn't do anything with my son's circumcision except wait for the string to fall off. There are different circumcision methods, who chose what we thought would be the least painful. We were presented with a pamphlet at the hospital about different methods and chose the what we thought was the best one. All they did was dip a binky in sugary water as distraction for son and performed it in less than five minutes. When They brought my son back to me 15 minutes later he was calm and not crying.

With circumcisions you do not want to use alcohol...that of course will be very painful for your baby. Instead if you see the area red, just use Vaseline, or aquifer. I don't think we used anything for my son and the string like the umbilical chord should fall off in under 10 days.

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suzie q. said…
I was so nervous about the circumcision of my son. When the Dr. took him out of the room, I got really sad, but he was back within 10 minutes (at the longest!) and was fast asleep. I am told that the pain is short-lived. Taking care of it has been a bit of a hassle, but significantly easier to clean than one that is not circumcised. Be sure to ALWAYS clean it well and put vaseline on it. It can become infected or 'stuck' very easily at first.

This is so exciting for you! Baby boys are such a joy.
Unknown said…
With Isaac... they said to make sure to put vaseline on the area of the diaper that his little boy parts would be hitting. other than that... isaac wasnt in any pain (the foreskin that they remove doesnt actually have any nerve endings, or so i've read). Also Isaac healed up within a week. So it wasnt very long, just make sure it gets kept clean, and vaseline on the front end of the diaper so the skin doesnt adhere to the cloth. :)
Dede said…
4 of my 6 kids are boys so I have definitely been through the circumcision dept! So no one scares you out of it, they only cry for a split second (just like getting an immunization shot) and they are fine within a few seconds of having it done and where back to me within 10 minutes. The only thing you need to do is keep it clean and put vaseline on it everytime you change his diaper. I just kept the vaseline in the area where the diapers were so it was handy. Good luck :)
Thanks Ladies,

My next Walgreens trip I will be sure to pick up some Vaseline! Thanks for sharing your stories, I am relieved to here that it is not very painful! :)
I got so freaked out from various horror stories about clipping nails that I've always bitten my daughter's nails. She's 2 now and I probably should have started with the clippers a little sooner but still no missing fingertips here.

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