You want me to put frozen vegetables where????

Starting week 32 and I am getting so close and extremely anxious!   I had a doctor appointment today and I was explaining the pelvic pressure and pain in my hips that I have been feeling along with braxton hicks (all 3 I never experienced with my daughter.)  I think it hurts the most after I get up from sitting for a long period of time, and doing some stretches seem to really alleviate the pain.

Doctor replied and said take some "frozen veggies out and put them 'down' there."  LOL, really ice will help with that pressure pain??  LOL!!!  Just created a funny image in my own head!  LOL  Hope it gives you a good chuckle this evening.  She also mentioned that she could not tell if baby was head down yet so she thinks the pressure and pain might increase once baby boy drops!  I am not going to dwell on it... I AM CARRYING A MIRACLE that GOD has been knitting inside of me!  I feel privileged that he has chosen me to raise my daughter and this little baby boy!


Canadianmom said…
Hi there,

You have a cute blog. Congratulations on baby number 2. My first child is a girl and my second is a boy. I knew right from the start of my second pregnancy that I was carry a boy, it was completely diffent from the first.

Thank you for linking up to the Motivational Monday Blog Hop. I am now following you back.

Take care! Jen
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Kelsey Apley said…
Thanks for following my blog! Returning the favor and now following you!!

Happy Blogging!

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