Praise Report Monday (top 10 of the week)

Since my blog is titled "Praises of a Wife and Mommy" I better not forget to make sure I give out some praise reports each week! :)

So for this week this is what blessings occured and what I am very thankful for!

1. Selah feeling better! It is always hard as a parent to watch your children not acting like themselves and being in pain. SO THANK YOU JESUS for giving her relief.

2. I am so thankful to see my little girl have such great faith at her young age. :) She really did pray and rely on Jesus to bring her relief.

3. Food- started making a menu and sticking to it. Makes life so much easier! :) YAY!!

4. Good friends- we have so many!

5. A good friend taking Selah overnight so hubby and I could have a date night! HOW AWESOME! (another blog to be written about our date)

6. I am just starting week 31 of my pregnancy! GETTING CLOSE!!! :) YIPEEE

7. LOVE- the love I feel from my heavenly father, and my family, and many others! :)

8. A warm house- it sure was a cold week but I am very thankful for a warm home... and new slippers to keep my feet warm! :)

9. Feeling my baby boy in my belly be so active every day and seeing my husband stare at my belly. Life is so awesome and God's perfect plan is amazing!

10. THE PACKERS victory yesterday! :) WHOO HOO!! Fun times.

So have you reflected this week on the many blessings in your life? What has God been doing in your life... have you give him the Praise he deserves?

Share some of your praise reports with me! I would love to hear them! :)


DramaMama said…
Praising God for my daughter's weight gain, the fact that my kids have a really good bond despite not being raised in the same house for 2 years (that's all God!), for my hubby's ability to come home for lunch every work day, and for sweet friends in our life. Recently a little girl from church wrote a special note to our adopted daughter - she was adopted too and wanted to share a special present w/her. I'm so proud of the other little girl, someday she will be able to tell her story and use it to minister to others =)
AWESOME DRAMA MAMA!!! The adoption stories will be used for HIS glory! AMEN!

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