I have the itch to go house hunting!

Well I do have a house but not in the town we live in.  LOL!  We have renters in our old house and are not selling due to the value dropping so much the last couple years.

Last year we found a house we liked and went to the credit union to get our credit score and to see if we would qualify but unfortunately we were not approved.   The house we found was a foreclosure but now I have been seeing more and more houses for sale or foreclosed and I think we could have a cheaper mortgage and utilities with purchasing then living in our apartment.  We have a friend who is a Realtor and I get his daily emails of the properties that are on the market.  I have been seeing several houses that make me want to go take a look since the price tag is under $50,000!!  :)  WOW!!!  I know with the interests as low as they are it would be so nice to find a good property and lock in a rate for under 5%!  :)

So should we go ahead and do a free credit score to see if we improved since last year?  I know we have paid off debt and we have some savings now so maybe they will give us money???

The only scary thing is having two houses.  Last year in the fall we were searching for new renters and that was stressful but if we found a house to buy that would be cheaper then the apartment we are living in so I would think that would be less stressful.

God will direct our path so I will keep trusting him.  I just have a desire to get out of this apartment but then other day's I don't mind it.  I like not having to do yard work but I think I would prefer to have my own back yard and do yard work.  I guess you make your lists of pro's and con's and then ask God for direction!  Who knows the door might be closed right away if we do not qualify for a loan.


Madeline said…
We are having the house itch too! Have you looked into owner financing or land contract? Those are good options for people that are unable to qualify for a loan.

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