Juppy Baby Walker Review and Giveaway


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The first baby walker that fits in your purse!!!  That phrase caught my attention right away since I had no idea how that could be possible.  After I received The Juppy Baby Walker in the mail I opened the package immediately and it all made sense and it made me excited!

Now my little man is 5 months old so he is not quite at the walking age but he is always wanting to stand and already shows readiness skills.  I still put him in The Juppy and he seemed to enjoy it and actually took a couple steps toward his daddy.  I know for sure that this product will get some great use in a few more months when my little man is older and closer to walking.  :)  I love the fact that there will be no sore backs from leaning over!!!  AWESOME!

I also thought back to my days as a Cognitive Disability teacher and thought this would be a perfect addition to many special education classrooms.  If you are a parent to a special needs child then this is the product you might be looking for!  :)  I know in my classroom we used really big space taking walkers that took a very long time to set up with the child.  Many children could benefit from The Juppy!!

The Juppy is also not going to break the bank!  It onlly costs $29.95 plus shipping!  WHAT A DEAL!

Here are my favorite features of The Juppy:
1. It is portable!  The Juppy fits in a nice bag and then will fit in the diaper bag or a purse.
3. The Juppy Baby Walker is 100% parent assisted baby walker that eliminates all the dangers of walkers with wheels.
4. Washable- it is 100% cotton!

   Yes it will fit in your purse!!

Watch the Juppy in action:

I had to share this one.  While we were taking pictures my daughter found her backpack carrier for her doll and wanted to use it just like The Juppy.  :)

This review is 100% my opinion!


Belle said…
I like that it fits in your bag, I have a bad back and this looks like a really neat product.
It's Just Me said…
hi, new follower!
iheartasquid said…
I would love to win this because my husband is 6foot 7inches tall and I want him to be able to walk with our son and not have back pain! Go Navy!
Anonymous said…
I want to win this because I have back pain.. his would be a life saver
Andrea said…
I want to win so I can save my back when teaching my daughter how to walk!
andreapaetkau at gmail dot com
I like that you don't have to bend over with this.

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