5 Month's old

Yep my little man is 5 month's old and I am emotional about him growing up.  I love all the fun stuff he is doing now but I want to keep him my baby for as long as I can.

Dear Titus,

It is shocking that you could be 5 months old today.  I love you more then I can express.  Last night we got you a jumper and you love it.  There are several toys on it and you love them plus a mirror on it and you stare at yourself which is so adorable.  Right now you enjoy rolling over a lot and you play peek a boo with me and I could do it all day just to hear your adorable laughs!  You still wake up a lot at night but mommy knows you will soon start to sleep better.  Your sister and you have staring contests and I think you win.  Selah sure loves you a lot and holds you every day.  You and her are going to have a great brother sister relationship.  :)

Love you Goose,


LaVonne said…
I love how you took photos of him with his age. That is such a great idea. I am going to have to start doing it. :)

LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella
Jill said…
Awww.. What a handsome lil' guy!

Visiting from Thursday Cup of Joe and now Follow you via GFC:)

I also co-host a weekly Wednesday Block Party Hop if you would like to join in the Fun!


~ Jill

jellybelly said…
Such a cutie! Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

The Twerp and I

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