Have I told you that I am a huge Packer fan's yet???  WELL WE ARE!!!  :)  


Anyone want to bless me with free tickets??  :) :) :) 

Here are some quick Packer facts for you:

1. The G does not stand for Green Bay it stands for Greatness!  

2. The Packer's are owned by stockholders...No worries they will never be moved!  :) 

3. Packers were founded in 1919 and joined the NFL in 1921. 

4. The Packers touchdown celebration jump is called "Lambeau Leap."

5. I went to a Packer/Viking game with my dad and Packer's won!  IT WAS AWESOME!  

For more Packer facts GO HERE


Heather said…
WOOT!!!! GO PACK GO!!!! Just got my new shirt for this year! Now to get Clay Matthews jersey!! :D Here's to another great season!
Jennifer said…
LOL....well, I DID like your blog until I read you were a Packers fan.

Love -
The Sulky, Bitter Steelers Fan..LOL!
Heather-So happy to hear you are a Packer fan! :) AWESOME!

Haha Jennifer! GO PACK GO!!!
Yes! Yolanda said…
Green Bay all the WAY!!!
My blood runs green & gold :o)
Hail to the Redskins, Hail victory...


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