Thankful Thursday's

It is that time again!  This week is going so fast as well as summer!  

Here is my top five things I am praising GOD for or about this week.  

1. Weddings!!!  My brother got married and it was an enjoyable time.  

2. Zoo's we went to 2 different zoo's while visiting family and we had a ton of fun.

3. My car, some days I wish I had a different vehicle but I am more happy and thankful to have transportation.  :) 

4. We found a great deal on a jumper for lil man!  :)  YAY!  He loves it already too!

5. Safe travels!  It is always a blessing to get to and from visiting my dad without any trouble!  :)  

6.  One more because it was a blessing to spend time with family!  I love them all very much! 


Candice said…
Sounds like you had a blast!
Ang said…
I love thankful lists--despite everything going on in our lives, there's always something to praise God for--which brings on more blessings! May God bless you and your family!
--Ang (new follower:-))
I agree Ang. The more thankful you are, the more joyful you become.

I'm thankful for kids who were smothering me in kisses today~!
Kelly said…
You have to send me a picture of Lil man in the jumper!!! :)