Walgreens adventure 3/21

Walgreens trip today was a good one:

Total spent 28.75

Total saved 55.07

What was purchased:
3 Kraft Mac N Cheese (my daughters current favorite)
2 Jello Puddings (a snack I have not had in forever)
2 packs of AA batteries (stocking up to make sure I have enough when baby comes)
2 packs of Easter M&M's (going to make some Easter treats)
Woolite (Have not used it but it was on sale and I had a $3 coupon so it was like 2 dollars!)
Method hand soap (on sale with Register Rewards)
Plackers/dental floss things (cause Nana Bethann gave us a lecture about needing to floss our teeth and came with Register Rewards)
2 pack of spray on Sunscreen (summer is coming and it was in the clearance area... both for $6 bucks)
Pads(cause you need them after giving birth and I had a coupon and got Register Rewards back)
3 packs of Huggies wipes.  (on sale for 5.99 but was able to use 2.00 off coupons fore each pack!  :) 


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