New toy that teaches girls to breast feed their doll... what do you think?

So I was watching the news and this story came on that caught my attention:
"Breastfeeding Baby Doll: Does New Toy Cross the Line?"

I think for little girls they are going to mock what they see.  I just had a baby a week ago and my 3.5 year old daughter has even lifted her shirt thinking she needed to help her brother eat.  So I understand the child who see's mom feeding a younger brother or sister is going to be curious so why not teach them young??  But does it cross the line?  I don't think it is making our girls grow up faster.  DO YOU?  I mean I would hate to take away any innocence from my daughter and I grew up with out a doll that did it all: eat, pee, poop, breastfeed, etc etc.  Will this doll help a girl learn how to nurture?  I don't really agree with this either.  I believe that God has it already in us and we don't need a toy to teach it.  I do think the child will learn some of it by what they see mom or dad doing at home. 

So I guess I am in the middle I don't really think it takes away any innocence and I don't really think having the doll will teach more nurturing then other dolls.   I would love to hear other opinions on this doll!  Please leave some comments... also I will be closely monitoring the comments so no big mean debates.  PLAY FAIR   

So there is a video an article to read more about this:

ps... if I have more typos then usual please forgive me as I am still on pain meds and a little loopy!  


Mama to 4 said…
I have nursed all my children, I am currently nursing my 3 month as well. A few weeks back my 23 month baby girl lifted up her shirt and put her baby doll up to her breast, my hushand & I just looked at each other in aw! It was kinda weird. At the sametime, she is learning what God inteeded it to be. Do I think they should sell dolls for it now! They are trying to make money, why would you teach a little child how to nurse? It comes natural once you have a real baby. I know many may disagree but that's ok, we are all entitled to our own opions. :)
Bethe77 said…
It is a natural behavior to mimick mommy. I think it is another gimmick to make money. Not to mention get the American public up in arms. Just more things to take our minds away from more important issues.
Personally, I think it's okay. My daughters (even my 8 year old!!) breastfeed their baby dolls. I hope they grow up and breastfeed their babies! There are so many other ways our daughters are "growing up too fast" ie Barbie dolls (which I don't allow in my house anymore!). You have grown up dolls with breasts and long legs and sexy clothing...but people are throwing a fit about a babydoll that breastfeeds?? Which is natural?? Puh-lease.
We dont do Barbies here either...where is the modesty in barbies?

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