I am very glad I am breastfeeding but my breasts hurt so bad!!!  :* (  

I feel like I keep making way to much milk.  I have had to pump a little just so my little man can latch on correctly.  I have been engorged a lot and I bet if I got them measured I would be at least a D if not DD!!  Which is huge for me.

I have been using the gel soothies which gives a bit relief and I use the lanolin cream also to help prevent cracking.   I think my body is trying to figure out how much milk it needs to produce right now but ouchie... i need the pain to leave soon!

Any advice momma's?


Lori said…
Take the pain meds that you can as often as you can for about 3 days, which will allow you to relax some.OK I know some of you will say don't but I promise if you will in 3 days you will be feeling better. When you feel engorged get in a hot bath/shower and let it run out. Don't pump it at that time. I've also heard cabbage helps. Not real sure. Do you have the book The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding? If not buy it, check it out at the library whatever it takes to get it. The best breastfeeding book out there. Wish I had on and I'd send it but you really need it today! Hope it helps. Blessings, Lori
I totally freaked out when I got engorged when I first started nursing Constance. I freaked out about making too much milk and how painful it was ... ahh. I mean just looking at my breasts was painful because it looked like they had been stuffed with rocks! Just give it a few more days .. it will even out and these days will be long behind you! is a good breastfeeding resource ... I was on there several times a day when I first got started. You can also check to see if you have a local Le Leche League leader that you can email/call for free and ask for questions. I did that when I was dealing with oversupply issues and was so glad! (Didn't have any help from family because none of them had ever breastfed!)
Savannah said…
I feel for you, I'm in the same boat right now (I had my son I think 3 minutes before you did?)Even having the fabric of my shirt or bra is painful!

Can you call a lactation consultant? She can check and make sure Titus is latching on properly. I've heard about putting cabbage leaves in your bra to help engorgement pain..I've never tried it but when I was in nursing school my instructor insists it works. The engorgement shouldn't last too long, once your body starts to figure out how much it needs to make things will even out a bit more. Hope you're feeling more comfortable soon!
Andie said…
Your body will adjust in a few days to the actual demand, but (other than the pain) that's awesome! It sounds like it would be a fantastic opportunity to store some up for later or to consider donating if you have a very abundant supply (though if you pump your body will settle on the increased demand)
The cabbage leaves really do work, but are also used to help dry milk completely up, so use them with care. Kellymom and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding are both great. Congratulations on your newest addition!
Cristi said…
Oh April I feel your pain!!! To help with the pain take tylenol or your meds. A wet warm wash cloth works wonders to help with your milk letting down and with the pain. Just put it on when you start nursing, it really does help. If you are feeling engorged then just pump a little to releve some pressure. Just relax your milk will regulate in the next few weeks. It is all normal!! I know it is so hard at first but it really will get easier. Get some rest whenever you can!

Hugs dear,
All of this advice is great!! The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is an awesome book, and I still refer to it even though I've been breastfeeding Silas for over 9 months!! Just remember, the pain WILL go away SOONER than you think!! I will pray for you, and I'm sure you have many bloggy friends praying for you as well!! Kiss that sweet baby, and thank God that you can give him Mommy's Best!!
Thanks for the prayers and advice. I will check out the website and look for my breastfeeding book... I know I have one somewhere. :)

I know it will get better soon.

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