Birthing positions

With my daughter I was in the most common position of laying on my back and a nurse and my hubby helping hold my legs back.  I was just hearing and reading about how more and more women are giving birth in a variety of positions.  I even know a lady who gave birth standing up since her back labor was so painful she could not get comfortable.  Another lady I know told me that she was on her side and it was really helpful in decreasing her pain.

Here is a great article that list the advantages and disadvantages to each position.  CLICK HERE

I am just going to go with the flow and do what ever feels most comfortable for me.

What way did you give birth?


Rachel Nelson said…
With all 3 of mine I was induced so not a lot of moving around options for me :( But this time I had horrible back labor. Was able to stay out of bed most of the time which helped. Labored in a rocking chair and walking for most of my labor. When it came to checked of course they wanted me back in bed. But they actually sat me up right away after cause they knew I couldn't stay that way. So they set the bed up as much as they could and then took off the end. It was pretty much like sitting in a chair. They had the stirrups naturally but with the bed set up like an easy chair and 3 pillows behind my back I was pretty much squatting. It was my easiest delivery of all 3 and I think it was due to being almost up right. But when you get there you will know what works for you and at a certain point, you really don't care too much and your body will literally take over!

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