Simple joy in life... new toothbrush! CUTE!!

My daughter made me giggle tonight.  The last few weeks she has been asking to have a toothbrush with a button.  (a vibrating one like mom and dad).

I told her we could look at Walgreens once I had a coupon.  Well I today we went to Walgreens with a $3 off coupon for a toothbrush.  She picked out an Ariel vibrating toothbrush.  

So tonight as we were getting ready for bed she asked if she could use her new toothbrush.  She brushed them and did a very good job minus the fact that the toothpaste spit/druel was running down her chin.  After she was finished she started skipping to her bed room saying "that was so cool!" "I love my new toothbrush with the button."  

She is adorable and I love seeing her get excited over the small little things in life.  :)  


Pamela said…
So sweet. When little pleasures give us joy, we are rich.
Erin said…
So cute! My daughter has the Cinderella one - they work so much better then the manual ones :-)
Yes Pamela we are rich in blessings! :)

Erin- I agree I think her teeth were cleaned better tonight then several nights combined with a manual one.
I think my little guy would love a toothbrush like that!
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Elizabeth Cull said…
Well, I have to agree with them, that's so sweet and cute. Her tooth paste looks cute too. I wish my little sister is like this.
Marlena Tillens said…
That is so cute of her! That probably made her brush her teeth even more. If every kid is like her, no child will have problems with their teeth. :)
O wow so cute, my kid will love it!

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