Stylish Blogger Awarded to me! :)

I was just awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from The Imperfect Photo Addict!  THANKS SO MUCH!!  Go check her blog out!

This is my second award and I feel blessed for the award.  It is very encouraging to get an award.  

So with the award I have to list a few things about me and then pick a couple blogs who I think should be awarded.  

Facts about me:
- My daughter was born 4 weeks early but her orginal due date would have marked the 5 year anniversary of my mom's passing.  My son I am expecting any day is due on my mom's birthday.  She would be 55 years old if she was still here.  

-We own a house but we are renting it out and we are renting our selves.  Kinda strange but it works since we had to move.

-My daughter who is 3 asks to watch the Biggest Loser with me almost every day.  LOL

-I want to get a new vehicle that will fit the kids better.

-Not going to lie... the gas prices are a bit frightening.

-I love to worship GOD!

-My best feature according to me is my blue eyes.  :)


1. Undeserved Grace -  I love her blog.  She has a great Thankful Thursday post/hop that is inspiring!  
Undeserving Grace

2. Walking by His Grace- I love her background and her encouraging posts! :) 

Walking in His Grace

3. Christian Momma- She has an upbeat personality and I love reading her devo posts and seeing where God is leading her! :) 
Christian Momma

4. Oil in my Lamp-Honestly I JUST LOVE the name of her blog... it is cute too but it always reminds me to double check and make sure my priorities are GOD first as I do not want to run out of oil when my King returns!  I LOVE THIS BIBLE STORY!!  
oil in my lamp button

5. Mama to 4 Blessings- I get great ideas for crafts and she is encouraging me to home school. 

And remember, if you choose to accept the award, please follow the rules! Post the award with a link back to this. Then list 7 random facts about yourself. Last but not least award others who you think deserve this! Have fun :)


Bethe77 said…
Congradulations to you and your blog for your award. how exciting. Blessings
Miranda said…
Hi there, I am always happy to follow a Christian Mommy's blog- thanks for sharing those other great Godly blogs. I found you on the blog hop and am now following and liking you :) If you'd like to check me out:
casey aubut said…
FOllowing from Surfing Saturday!
Would love for you to stop by
Have a great weekend!

PS- Love your blog and am now goign to check out the other Christian blogs! : )
Danielle said…
Blog hopping! I'm your new follower and would love a follow back! Thanks!
Thank you for your sweet award! You deserve your, too! I can't wait to visit these others. I think I understand the rules. I am going to try to do it right.

Thanks again!
Janice said…
Let me give you your 3rd award! I'm giving you the One Lovely Blog award. I really like your blog.

Do check out the award on my blog, Thanks!
Callista said…
Congrats on your award! I'm now following from the Explore Play Learn blog hop. I'd love a follow back. Thanks.
Danielle said…
Blog hopping and I'm already a follower - I'd love it if you stopped by my blog and follow me as well if you don't already. =D
Keli said…
I love Mama to 4 Blessings. She gives me such great craft ideas!

Sorry that it took so long to visit your blog! I want to thank you for visiting and linking up to Friendly Wednesday!

Have a great week!

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