Worship Wednesday... a little late!

Sorry I never got this up yesterday.  Gma is in town so I was not on the computer as much.

This weeks song is Say-So by Israel and New Breed!  Gotta get on your feet and get jumping and worship the one true king!

I think I am going to get on my feet and do a lil prego jump...lets get this labor started!  LOL

Do you have a dancing/jumping worship song that you love?  I would love to hear it.  :)


Kristin P said…
Hey you may like the video I just posted. It is from a conference we had at church recently, one of the nights openers. Great song!

Sherree said…
I loved the video. It was when I cleaned house, I would pump my music up and it would help me get going, but since my mother-in-law has moved in, all music has pretty much stopped. House still gets cleaned , but the progress is slow. I love music that gets my heart going and my feet to moving. What better way to praise the Lord than with music. But I also find that there are times that the slower pace is just what I need. WOW, what heaven is going to be.

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