Pelvic pressure?? Pregnancy ??'s

Is this a sign I am starting labor?  I have a lot of pelvic and hip pressure and pain.  My lower back hurts some too.  Or is it just baby dropping lower?  It is making it difficult to walk.

Any advice?


I experienced alot of pelvic pain and pressure for the last 4-6 weeks of each of my 4 pregnancies! Just my 2 cents...
Everyone experiences things differently. But I had pelvic pressure with my 2nd child for a long time... I want to say it was for at least the last trimester, maybe even the 2nd and 3rd trimesters!
I think a lot of it is (if its your second child) that the muscles aren't as strong as before you had kids.
Stepha said…
Hmmm I had a lot of that for a long time with my pregnancy. It was when she was dropping VERY low. My back hurt A LOT! I felt like I had to poop when I was in labor! LOL
Yeahhhh!! I saw the full moon tonight and thought about you.

:) Kingdom Blessings to your little one.

Lori said…
When I saw the full moon was tonight I told my husband about you and that you might be having your baby tonight. From what I understand most people that have back labor have it with all their kids. Hope you are doing good. Blessings, Lori
Holly said…
I'm not sure about an answer to your question but I saw the full moon tonight and thought about you! Good luck...will be thinking of you!
Thanks for thinking of me everyone when you saw the moon.

Did you know that this is one of the biggest full moons in 20 years! :)

I did have some contractions between 7-8 but now they have stopped!

I have had a lot of pressure for awhile but it seems to be more painful the last couple days!

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