Welcome Titus Emery-Lee

As most of you know yesterday morning we started off on our adventure to the hospital to be induced at 7am.    Things were looking very good in the morning.  I was feeling great and walking around.  Here are a couple pictures of the morning:

Right away I was in my hospital gown laying on my side with the induction med in me.  :)  At about 9:30 my water broke and things were moving along.  At 10am I was 4cm dilated but at noon I was still a 4.  At 1:00 they started me on the pitocin and I got and epidural.  We thought things were going nicely cause I went from a 4 to 8 in just a little over 2 hours.  Sadly after I hit 8 I never progressed to a 10.  As they checked me they noticed my cervix had a little lip left and then it got swollen and baby's head was a little crooked so he was not dropping down the cervix like he was expected too.  As the time when on and little change, baby's heart rate started to drop at each contraction.  My doctor came in at 7pm and said she would give me one more hour to see if there was a change.  I am sure you can imagine the emotions I was feeling.  I was crying and I was frustrated.   She was back in before the hour and said we would be doing a c section as she did not like the stress on the baby.  Baby Titus was born at 9:23 pm weighing 7pounds 3.5 ounces and length of 18.5 inches.  It was a good thing we did a c section.  He was sunny side up and that could have cause me a lot more pain to push.  

Mom still needs some prayers for a speedy recovery.  I vote hands down vaginal delivery is better then a c section!  I am very sore today and very exhausted.  It was very tough on me.  My epidural during the day was not working very well on my right side and again during the c section I was feeling not only the pressure but sharp stabs of pain.  Once baby was out they pushed some more drugs and I passed out for awhile and woke up and they were done, but it was some of the worst pain I had felt.  I actually ended up throwing up during my c section.  It was all worth it when I got back to my room and was able to hold my baby and breast feed him... he fed for 30 minutes on each side!  1 hour of breast feeding right off the bat!  Proud mommy!  

Here is dad all ready for c section:

He is adorable and perfect:

Proud big sister:

I will keep you posted on how I am feeling!  :)  GOD BLESS


Lisa said…
What beautiful children you have, April. You have come a long way from being the kid down the street that babysat for my kids! I am sure your mother, in heaven, is Praising God for your beautiful family! I am sure that she was right there with you during this tough delivery! God's Blessings be with you and your family!

Lisa Knutson
Lisa said…
OH! I just realized that Titus was born on Bradley's 16th birthday!! :)
Congratulations! He is adorable :)
Holly said…
Congratulations! Hope you have a very speedy recovery. He is precious!
suzie q. said…
CONGRATULATIONS! nothing like falling in love all over again, huh? i only have one, but i can imagine how much love you are experiencing! i wish you a super speedy recovery :) and i look forward to more pictures!
Congratulations! He is absolutely beautiful! Praying for a speedy recovery. :)
Big hugs and CONGRATS! I am due in May and really hope there is not a c-section in my future. I have been having some issues that need to fix themselves so time will tell. Beautiful babe you have there. Gosh, we are still trying to agree on names we like lol. I can't wait, though. Well, ask me two weeks after when I'm sleep deprived and my babe won't latch ;)

Anna said…
Congrats! You have a beautiful family:)
Kelli said…
Congratulations!! YOu have a beautiful family and you can tell in all the pictures how proud everyone is to have Titus join the three of you now making it 4! Take care and get some rest!

Kelli @ loveoursimplelife.blogspot.com
Michelle said…
You guys are all so cute! What a great family!
Congrats Momma and Daddy! I agree vaginal over c section any day. I have had 2 c's and 2 vag. Good luck with your new addition and getting better. He is a cutie! Praying for you and your family.
Thanks everyone! We have one more night here at the hospital and then in the morning baby boy will get his circumcision and then we will be heading home.

I am doing much better today. Still sore and achey but I feel I have much more mobility and that is great.
Congratulations mama, he's BEAUTIFUL! Sorry you didn't get the birth you expected but you got your beautiful baby blessing. So happy for you! And yay, you're not pregnant anymore!!
LaToya said…
Congrats!! Welcome to the world little one.
Mindy said…
Congratulations! Cutie with the kids together. ;-)
Noel Giger said…
He's adorable! I had to have a C-Section this time too, I wholeheartedly agree that V is better! This is my 5th :) Stopping by from the Baby Blessings Blog Hop!

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